What beer should I drink tonight?

Here to help!

What beer should I drink tonight?

Here's a handy infographic to help you decide what beer to drink tonight - let us know what you got in the comments and whether it'll be on your hit list for later!

Image too small? Here's a bigger version with live links to the beer you should drink tonight


So! What will it be?

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Pete 5th March, 2014 10:12pm
What should I drink tonight? Bourbon Baby with BBQ chicken pizza. Also loving punk IPA in wetherspoons alongside the six point canned beers
Anon 4th March, 2014 5:54pm
All these questions and I ended up with a PUNK IPA... thank you captain obvious ;-D
Jovinkaoes 4th March, 2014 4:37pm
Ill be having a Cocoa Psycho to go with/in PANCAKES, though the beer chart suggests I should be having Dead Pony Club as its work tomorrow.
Christopsy 4th March, 2014 4:05pm
Ummmm,,,, none of the options are AB15!?!?
Kenny Body 4th March, 2014 2:29pm
The best part is, I have all the options bar DPC in my house right now.If only I wasnt stuck in work.
eric 4th March, 2014 12:15pm
This needs to be a poster in the shop
Troubledwaters 4th March, 2014 12:11pm
Lupuloopy 4th March, 2014 10:06am
Jackhammer, according to the infogram.Which, to be fair, it what Id have picked without it. And Libertine.
Emma T 4th March, 2014 10:05am
Punk ftw...!
Schwing 4th March, 2014 10:05am
Loving the sexy linked version, nice work.
Jack hammer 4th March, 2014 10:02am
YES! Got jackhammer. And who am I to argue?!