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A journey around the Inventing Room...


If our brewery was the Dream Factory from the Schrödinger-inspired, non-game-show Deal or No Deal, the following beers would be hidden in the boxes, and we can assure you that you'd be happy to go home with any of them...
FV404 - 5am Saint


With our brewery fully up and running and an ever expanding army of BrewDogs, we're aiming to make 2014 a benchmark year for our core range. This year we've already bottled our best Punk and Hardcore yet, and in FV404 is a batch of 5am which we're hoping will follow suit.

In oak – Red Wine Barrel-aged Black Saison


This mysterious and secretive brew has been hidden away since June last year. The dark and twisted brother of grown up Electric India, this saison has been brewed with specialty malts for a deep dark colour, has spicy, peppery notes from the yeast, and is interwoven with complex, vinous flavours from extended red wine barrel ageing. Expect a rare and unusual experience from this barrel aged gem. Now you know what we did last summer.

In cask - Bourbon Baby


Bourbon Baby is currently residing in a variety of bourbon barrels with a couple of rum cask thrown in for good measure. The base is a baby Scotch ale, but with a demonic, dark vanilla twist. Flavours of rich brown sugar, hints of smoke, spiced fruit, chocolate and raisins are already making their way into the beer as it quietly ages away. The aim was to showcase barrel ageing in a lower ABV beer and we felt the malty scotch ale base was the perfect way to do this. Expect to see this extremely limited edition beer in bottle and on tap in February. 

Bottling line - AB:15 Salt Caramel Popcorn Barrel Aged Imperial Ale


After spending just over a year hanging out in a mix of bourbon and rum barrels our Salt Caramel Popcorn Beer is ready for bottling. The intense flavour contrasts of salt caramel have married with cinder toffee and smooth vanilla notes, to produce the consummate cinema companion. This beer should be enjoyed whilst watching the finest of foreign cinema, avant-garde short films, or Return of the Jedi.

Packaged (at the Dystopian Puppet Hobby Centre) - Blitz Cherry


All revved up and ready to go, Blitz Cherry is the latest in our series of Berlinerweisse fruit beers. It's taking it easy in terms of strength at a modest 2.1% ABV, but the 200kg of sour cherries will shoot you in the back. It has a real sour cherry kick, and is an incredible shade of red. It's a complex tongue twisting beer, especially given the low ABV. Every Blitz we brew is different, due to the spontaneous souring process, and this particular version has a great blend of all the different flavours we look for in a Berlinerwiesse, and an effervescent champagne mouthfeel.

Hop Store - This year's fresh hop harvest


Straight from Yakima Valley, these new hops are the freshest you'll get, so we can't wait to pack them into as many brews as we can...

Simcoe - Deep, piney, and resinous aromas matched with a fruit explosion, from one of our all-time favourite hops; expect Simcoe to show up in a lot of 2014's beers, it's an all-star hop we use for both bittering and aroma.

Cascade - We love to put Cascade to good use in several of our regular brews; you can't beat it for imparting intense grapefruit flavour, so it takes responsibility for a lot of the thirst-quenching abilities of our hoppiest beers.

Amarillo - Spicy, flowery and bursting with orangey aroma, Amarillo is the star of the show in Interstellar, and we've got a few other plans for it this year too...

Vic Secret - A new recruit to our hop roster, Vic Secret is an Australian hop which doesn't impart much bitterness (just a subtle earthiness when included in the boil) but shines like a beacon of Gondor when used to dry-hop. Punchy clean passionfruit and pineapple flavours are Vic Secret's main contributions, with a hint of herbs and resin in the background. One to watch in 2014.
So there you have it; the lowdown on what's coming soon - let us know which ones rate highest on your excite-ometer, and what you want to see us brew next! Don't forget that the Prototype Challenge beers, featured in our last tanks update, are still available on the online shop, and keep an eye out for our newest beers there too.

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Comments (5)

James J 28th January, 2014 6:36pm
Cant wait for bourbon baby. The innis and gunn version is nice but given your other brews I think this might be a little bit special and ahead of the rest of the pack.
secla 27th January, 2014 1:19pm
Was your last batch of 5am saint brewed with a different recipe ? Had some in my last order and it tasted completely different to previous bottles ive had.blitz cherry will be on my hit list
Jack P 27th January, 2014 11:23am
Black saison! When?
RC 27th January, 2014 11:21am
....shines like a beacon of gondor if that phrase doesnt become compulsory in every beer school EVER from now on Ill be sorely disappointed. Also, I want all of these beers in my belly. ALL OF THEM.
graham g 27th January, 2014 11:18am
Cant wait for AB15, sounds amazing!