Upcoming brews you’ll be enjoying very soon


It’s been at least a couple of months since we last untwisted some valves and swirled our newest beers into HQ tasting glasses, so it’s high-time we took a brewhouse wander and looked at some of our upcoming brews!


FV 107 – hinterland

Our latest brand new concept beer is in tank, quietly fermenting away. hinterland is part of our small batch series, and is a 9% oatmeal milk stout with vanilla pods and cocoa. A eulogy to the depths of the imagination and what dwells therein, hinterland is typified by the mythical jackalope, as stunningly depicted by Johanna Basford. Look for an initial release soon, with the rest barrel-aged to take on even more complexity of flavour. This is shaping up to be something truly special.


FV 407 – Hello My Name is Little Ingrid


Elsewhere in our Ellon brewhouse; a new beer for our Scandinavian market. Following the success of the original cloudberry Double IPA, our legion of fans in Sweden are soon to receive an all-day, session-strength version. Hello My Name is Little Ingrid hits all the high-points of her older sister, only at 4.4%. At that abv, the cloudberries really come to the fore, and it is currently tasting incredible.

Rich malts, Centennial, Columbus, Nelson Sauvin and Bramling Cross hops and fresh Scandinavian cloudberries combine to deliver a tart finish. Hello My Name is Little Ingrid is a celebration of all that is great about Sweden. Say hej!

FV 103 – Mutant Monarch

Another protoype brew, this is a very small batch of a new lager called Mutant Monarch. This beer is a 5.2% hopped-up Vienna Lager, the late addition Cascade and Centennial hops really work their citrus-powered magic on the base of toasty, biscuity malt. Definitely one to keep an eye on….

FV 106 – Dog D – In Oak

…as is another beer on maturation that is sure to be popular – Dog D. Marking eight years of BrewDog, our imperial stout (quite obviously) follows on from Dog C, but possesses one hugely exciting difference. It is the first of the series that we have barrel-aged, and is currently maturing in bourbon barrels. So, think rich vanilla and oak, molasses, dark chocolate, espresso and chilli spice. Sound good?

FV 109 – The Bounty Hunter

Our February shareholder brewday resulted in another amazing beer, the coconut and chocolate infused milk stout otherwise known as The Bounty Hunter. Brewed at 6.5% and created by our awesome army of Equity Punks, their smoothly roasty extra stout is in the final days of maturation and almost ready to go into bottles. This one is exclusively for EFPs, so if you don’t know an EFP shareholder, you still have time to befriend one…


Electric India

Fresh into bottles we have the latest re-brew of our vibrant saison, Electric India. Originally another creation of our Equity for Punk shareholders (in the pre-Beatnik era), this beer will be perfect for late-Spring barbecues, coming in at the new abv of 5.2%. Electric India retains its trademark spicy, fruity citrus edge, and will be the soundtrack to your (early) summer.

IPA is Dead 2015

The other beers set to hit the packaging line very soon are the return of our annual IPA is Dead series. This time – the fifth running of our annual hop challenge – sees those selected challenge the preconceptions of what to expect from a nation’s hops. This time out, the four-piece showcase consists of… the awesomely floral Ella (Australia), hop of the moment, citrus powerhouse Mandarina Bavaria (Germany), lemony high alpha Pioneer (England) and a BrewDog favourite, the oh so piney Chinook (USA).


#MashTag 2015

Finally, we will shortly be cranking up the brewhouse to begin creating the beer that you decided upon – the crowd-sourced craziness that was #MashTag 2015. A 10% US-Hopped Black Barley Wine, brewed with vanilla beans and toasted oak chips, this is going to be a beer very much in demand. Keep an eye out for it towards the middle of next month!

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Comments (8)

Regus 31.03.2015 @ 4:22pm
Interested to see what the new Electric India is going to taste like!
BrewDog Rich 31.03.2015 @ 4:02pm
TheBBG - It's all in barrels! The flavours won't swamp the beer though, it's all complementary. It might be interesting to see what they do bring, seeing as you've got the non-barrel-aged previous iterations to hand?

Battlegarden - It's still on its way. Not long now!
battlegarden 31.03.2015 @ 8:56am
What about AB:18? My LBS has it since nearly 2 weeks and there's still no announcement?
TheBBG 31.03.2015 @ 8:00am
I hope you've kept some of the Dog D out of the barrels. I have loved Dogs A, B and C, and was looking forward to this continuing with Dog D and beyond. There is so much going on in that beer, I fear it being swamped by the barrel-ageing, and I want to be able taste all the flavours in there now. Also, I want to carry on my project of comparing each Dog with the last, and if this is barrel-aged, that's not going to work the same way.

Please say there's some Dog D which hasn't been in barrels!
anonymous 30.03.2015 @ 2:29pm
Hope some of these make it stateside
Johnson 30.03.2015 @ 1:38pm
Cloudberries may be my new favourite fruit!
Dave Urquhart 30.03.2015 @ 12:45pm
Hmmmm I feel a dark beer night is necessary.
Oatmeal Stout, milk stout and coconut stout?

I'm looking forward to each and maybe a mix of a couple :-)
anonymous 30.03.2015 @ 12:18pm
Cannot wait for IPA is Dead this year! Mandarina Bavaria FTW!