Capturing our first seasonal of 2017…


For many people the end of the first week back at work following the flip of the calendar can’t come quickly enough. Anybody who toiled their way to the first weekend of 2017 we congratulate you – and also have your reward; a beer newly elevated into our line-up of BrewDog Seasonals. Whether you are indulging in #Tryanuary or simply counting down the seconds until you can down tools, our idiosyncratic black lager is the ideal accompaniment.

Introducing Zeitgeist.

You can buy Zeitgeist online here

As ever we are kick-starting the New Year not with half-assed resolutions, but with kick-ass beer. The first BrewDog release to break cover in 2017 is a beer perfect for these dark, cold times – Zeitgeist being our interpretation of the classic Czech black lagers and German Schwarzbier that nurse many a European beer fan through to lighter evenings and warmer times.

And it does this through two crucial avenues. Firstly the most important one of all – the malt bill, combining the classic pairing of Pilsner and Munich with the darker grains of Caramalt and Chocolate Malt. Secondly, we have hopped the beer with Cascade and fermented it out to give a dry, rounded mouthfeel to act as a buttress to all of the dark, roasty malt flavour.

As a result, Zeitgeist is a beer layered with flavours such as bitter chocolate, fresh coffee and sweet caramel – with the citrus of the Cascade hops making an appearance on the aftertaste. This beer is a eulogy to the dry and roasty dark lagers of continental Europe, so those American hops yield in support of the deep, lasting bitterness from the darker malt grains.

As is befitting of its name, Zeitgeist also marks a point of departure for our Seasonals series to better reflect the age of beer drinking we are currently in. Each of our 2017 releases in this series will be moving from 330ml bottles to cans and 660ml bottles. These bombers are a perfect size to share, and the cans ideal for transporting and cooling faster (all of our seasonals will be on draft as per usual, too, of course).

We feel that by ripping up the Seasonals series and presenting it in this whole new paired format means even more people can enjoy these beers in different ways – the 660ml bottle is ideal for pairing with food for instance. Zeitgeist is an absolute soulmate for blackened, roasted meats and matches the elements of charred steak or pork perfectly.

Shake off the January blues and embrace the 2017 BrewDog Seasonals with Zeitgeist. Available to buy in 330ml cans and 660ml bottles in our online shop now, it will also be pouring on draft across our network of UK BrewDog bars from 6pm tomorrow, Saturday 7th January. Be sure and leave us your tasting notes in the comments below!

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Comments (5)

BrewDog Rich 12.01.2017 @ 2:52pm
Drewno1 - Yes, Arcade Nation was our seasonal for this time last year, Zeitgeist is up instead for 2017
DrewNo1 12.01.2017 @ 1:26pm
Does that mark the end of Arcade Nation then?
Awesome Sauce 06.01.2017 @ 4:39pm
Ordered! Who doesn't love a dark lager every now and again?
Mark 06.01.2017 @ 12:09pm
That's my weekend sorted then!
Darkman Dan 06.01.2017 @ 10:48am
Zeitgeist is one of my favoruites and has been for some time. Thanks for making it a more regular beer!