Zeitgeist - become the spirit of your own time

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Zeitgeist  - become the spirit of your own time

The www.zeitgeistbeer.com website has evolved, it is now home to a completely open blog. In a revolutionary move we have now completely opened up the zeitgeist blog to it’s proletariat (you!).You no longer have to make a purchase from the site to be able to post a blog. Anyone can now blog on the zeitgeist website, all you have to do is register and click on the ‘New Post’ Link! You can upload images, videos, pictures, music, links to your own website or your thoughts on pretty much anything.  


The zeitgeist website receives over 1,000 hits per day so this is a great platform for you to voice your opinion, showcase artistic work or share your favourite music.  

Zeitgeist is a movement controlled by the people, not a brand which seeks to control them.


To celebrate this dramatic zeitgeist occassion we are offering a special screen printed zeitgeist t-shirt. you can buy yours here http://www.brewdog.com/product.php?id=44 


Zeitgeist is about non-conformity, express yours today.

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