Zephyr Pre-Release for Special People

Your first chance to get your paws on our eagerly awaited Zephyr

Zephyr Pre-Release for Special People

As you will probably know, Zephyr was bottled a few weeks ago. It has been busy re-fermenting in the bottle in our warm bottle conditioning store. Most of it was filled in Champagne bottles with corks, however we also filled 2 cases of 330ml bottles with crown caps.

Of course, the official Zephyr release will be with the official label, champagne bottles and in a gift box. We are just waiting on the labels and boxes for the champagne bottles.

However we have decided to use 35 of the smaller bottles as a pre-release. These will be not be as expensive as the official release because they are in smaller bottles, with no box and have pre-release labels. The beer is identical!


Want to be the first to get your paws on this amazing beer? Here is your chance.

The small pre-release bottles are for sale here for £6 each. There is a limit of 1 per customer. Only 35 are available so be quick:


Enjoy and let us know yours thoughts on the beer.

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Comments (8)

G Dunbar 6th May, 2009 10:03pm
Amazing. Finally opened it this evening. Nessa & I have certainly never tasted anything like this before! VERY impressed.
Ally 30th April, 2009 6:36pm
Fantastic--I loved it so much, I blogged about it: http://impymalting.wordpress.com/2009/04/30/zephyr/
G Dunbar 19th April, 2009 2:10pm
Spoke to James in Cornelius last night so he has the Zephyr and Atlantic IPA on the way. Awesome!
craig garvie 18th April, 2009 4:17pm
Man ive been so looking forward to this one :-)

Oh im drooling, one to drink NOW, and hopefully a 750 to keep for an ocassion. Couldnt be better
G Dunbar 18th April, 2009 12:38pm
Was about to go to bed last night when I noticed it had appeared so I simply could not resist!
magicdave6 18th April, 2009 11:17am
Amazing at last its released got my bottle on its way. Cant wait to try it again!
Kevin Burges 18th April, 2009 3:06am
damn. only 1 bottle each? so i dont even get to taste the damn thing cos I want to keep one pristine. Anyways at least its out, I hope its as good as Ive been hoping all this time. Ill just wait till the big bottles are there before i taste it
Ian Ebriated 18th April, 2009 12:44am
Is the glass of zephyr with the strawberries floating in it a serving suggestion?

£6 for one 330ml bottle? I dread to think how much the fancy corked bottles will cost us!