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BrewDog partners with US lifestyle brand Crowns & Hops to champion diversity in craft beer



Independent craft brewer BrewDog has today released further details on its partnership with Crowns & Hops, the American craft beer lifestyle brand on a mission to open up the world of craft beer to a more diverse audience.

  • Crowns & Hops is the brainchild of LA-based craft beer enthusiasts Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter, also  known as Dope & Dank. Together, Beny and Teo are on a mission to shine a light on the lack of diversity in the current global craft beer culture and develop concrete steps to open the industry up to a much more diverse audience by challenging ingrained stereotypes that black and brown people don’t drink craft beer. 
  • In October last year, the Aberdeenshire brewery announced that Beny & Teo will be the first beneficiaries of its revamped Development Fund, an initiative that sees BrewDog making up to £200,000 available each year to help small craft breweries, brands and start-up businesses get established. 
  • In addition to financial support, BrewDog will also be providing material support to brewers, such as assistance in sourcing ingredients and brewing materials, offering its state-of-the-art laboratory for beer analysis, and supporting growth by introducing recipients to its international sales network. 
  • BrewDog will also brew Crowns & Hops beers alongside its own headliner beers in its world-class brewery located in Ellon, Scotland, for distribution across the UK and beyond. 
  • Through the Development Fund, BrewDog will be assisting Crowns & Hops with the establishment of its first ever BrewPub in Inglewood, California and the production and distribution of Crowns & Hops signature line of beers. 
  • BrewDog will also support Crowns & Hops with the management of two crowdfunding campaigns set to launch this year. Dubbed the Crowns & Hops Crew, the crowdfunding campaigns will seek to establish a physical collective of brand investors who share the passion and goals for authentic cultural representation in craft beer. 
  • The next 12 months are set to be busy for Crowns & Hops. In addition to its first ever crowdfunding campaigns, Teo & Beny will also front a TV show on BrewDog’s digital TV network, The BrewDog Network. The show will offer a behind-the-scenes look into the dope culture, taste and art in craft beer. 
  • This Spring will see the release of Crowns & Hops’ signature beers, an IPA, a Pilsner and a Stout. The launches will be supported by a series of tasting experiences, events and festivals across the United States and the UK to give the public and investors first access to the beers. 
  • Crowns & Hops has grown a loyal following through its commitment to building a craft beer industry that embraces the diversity and creativity of the two colliding worlds of taste and culture. As well as spreading its mission through its signature brews, 
  • Crowns & Hops also boasts a signature merchandise line consisting of Black People Love Beer and Brown People Love Beer t-shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase online.
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  • Facebook: Crowns & Hops

  • Twitter: @crownsandhops

  • Instagram: @crownsandhops

 “We’ve grown weary of asking for our presence to be acknowledged in a community that has never truly embraced us. So instead of waiting for it to happen organically, we’re doing it ourselves, and creating a community that will become a mecca for those that are searching for it.”

“The spontaneity and creativity that exist in brewing is the same that exists within great Jazz and Hip-Hop. We hope to stay true to the excellence of the craft in a way that brings the best products to our community...ALWAYS.”

Crowns & Hops co-founder Teo Hunter

 “The time is now for cultural ownership! Responsible, authentic culture curated for the people by the people. We are thrilled to partner with BrewDog to help make this vision a reality.”

Crowns & Hops co-founder Beny Ashburn

 “The time is now for cultural ownership! Responsible, authentic culture curated for the people by the people. We are thrilled to partner with BrewDog to help make this vision a reality.”

BrewDog cofounder James Watt