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AGM Refund Terms and Conditions

  • Response – refund: ticket holder can request a full refund of purchased tickets
  • Response – store coupon code: ticket holder can choose to exchange tickets for store coupon code
  • Response – none: if no response, ticket holder will be fully refunded tickets at the end of purchase

Users will be contacted two times via email:

  • About the refund or store coupon code option
  • Reminder
  • Allowed two weeks to confirm preference
  • Refunds will be completed by Universe in a single batch
  • Refunds take 5-8 working days from processing
  • Only the buyer of the order, ticket holder can refund the tickets – this is applicable for all orders under a single email
  • Refunds will be completed on the same card of purchase
  • Only full refunds will be accepted, no partial refunds

Get a refund on universe: https://support.universe.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002596632-Can-I-get-a-refund-

Store coupon code request:
  • Buyer of the order, ticket holder can request to exchange price of tickets for store credit
  • Coupon codes will be issued from 16-11-20
  • Coupon code will be valid for 6 months from 1st December 2020
  • Coupon code is not valid during promotional periods including Black Friday promotions
  • Coupon codes only valid on brewdog.com, not exchangeable for bar credit
  • 1 coupon code per 1 ticket, if ticket holder has two tickets or multiple orders under one email, only the buyer will be issued with codes
  • Coupon codes will only be issues to buyer of the order
  • No partial store credit, must be for full purchase, this is also the case for multiple orders under one email
  • Store coupon codes must be requested, they will not be automatically applied
  • Coupon code is a one time use, the amount must be used at one purchase, amount does not roll over
  • Coupon code is not valid after 6 months from issue

Coupon code:

  • Value £30.00 per ticket
  • Issues to AGM 2020 Ticket Purchasers only
  • Single use voucher (value can not be rolled-over to other purchases)
Multiple orders under one email:
  • You will be issued one email to request either coupon codes or a full face value refund for all orders underneath one email

  • Lost coupon code: please contact customer services
  • Hold money for future event: not applicable, full ticket refund or coupon code issue are the only two options
  • Missed email/no response but would like store credit: unfortunately the period to request a coupon code or refund was from 03-11-20 to 16-11-20, an automatic refund on tickets will be applied
  • Automatic refunds will be applied if no response
  • No benefits for guestlist holders or comp tickets


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