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Beer Visa Reward Claiming and FAQ

Ensure your EFP/visa card is swiped at every bar you visit. This is super important as this is how we track your progress; you will not be able to claim a reward online without doing this. You can check out all available rewards you’re eligible for on your account at 84 To claim your reward, simply log in, click on the reward, confirm your delivery details and the reward will be sent out to you!
Once redeemed you cannot claim the same reward again.

Each reward also entitles you to a free pint of Punk! To claim your free pint, show the corresponding stamps in your visa book to a member of staff, who will confirm redemption by stamping off the reward in your Beer Visa to show it has been claimed. Only one pint can be redeemed per reward.

The final “THIS IS 40” reward cannot be claimed through the website, as it may require some visits to International bars, who are unable to swipe the cards (but they do have stamps!) To claim this reward, please email  who will advise you on how we will verify your claim. 



Q: How do I claim my reward?
A: For the rewards sent by post, you MUST ensure your EFP/visa card is swiped at the till of each bar you visit; this is how we track your progress. When you have met the requirements to claim a reward, it will show on your 56 account as redeemable; simply click and confirm your address to claim! For “This is 40”, please email who will advise you on how we will verify your claim and send out your prize.

You can also claim one pint of Punk per reward, by showing your stamped visa to a member of staff. They will verify redemption by stamping the correct space in the rewards section of this visa, to ensure it is only claimed once.

Q: I visited a bar before the visas and stamps were in place, can I still claim the reward?
A: Rewards can only be redeemed by collecting the stamps in the visa, so any visits made previous to the stamps being in place will not be accounted for, sorry!

Q: Can I claim a reward more than once?
A: Each reward is redeemable one time only!

Q: I’ve not received a reward I think I’m entitled to
A: Rewards must be redeemed online, they are not sent out automatically. If you have claimed a reward and haven’t received it in a timely manner, please contact or

Q: My visit isn’t showing up on my account!
A: Please allow 24 hours after visiting a bar for the system to update. If is still isn’t showing after this time, please contact with a picture of your stamp and EFP/visa card, and preferably a receipt of the visit

Q: I visited a bar but forgot to get my card swiped/visa stamped
A: Stamps and card swiping is the only way we can track your progress, so unfortunately a bar visit will not count if you have not stamped or swiped, sorry!

Q: What if a new bar opens?
A: Any new bars will be included into the requirements for claiming a reward. E.g – if a new bar opens in London, you must visit this bar as well as existing London bars to claim the reward. (If you have already claimed the reward, you will not be able to redeem again just by visiting the new bar!)

Q: What if I lose my beer visa?
A: If you lose your beer visa, please contact or for assistance