Bourbon Barrel Skipping Stone

Alc Vol. 12.8%
Belgian Style Quad Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels

In early 2011, Jackie O's began to experiment with Trappist yeast, crafting some traditional abbey style ales. Initially, 3 beers were designed and brewed; Shade Abbey, Raccoon Dubbel, and Hocking Triple. When it came time to brew a fourth, a quad, Skipping Stone, a timeless action if nature in motion inspired a beer both rich and elegant. Bourbon Barrel Skipping Stone exudes powerful notes of caramel, dark fruit, spice and oak. A beautiful beer to imbibe in subtle surroundings, where the mind can roam.

The Brew Sheet


Alcohol by Volume (a measure of booziness created by the yeast)

Quadrupel Ale

Beer styles are the categorisation of beer into easily distinguishable types. When doing this we look at history, colour, carbonation, bitterness, ingredients, mouthfeel… the list goes on


We'd typically use a lightly kilned Base Malt in a beer recipe, then add Speciality malts (sometimes darker, more complex, different flavours) in small quantities to change the overall taste and colour of the beer.


Hops are used in loads of ways, and they can give different characteristics to beer such as Aroma and Bitterness– this is why they rock!


water, malted barley, hops, yeast.

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