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BrewDog takes to the skies

BrewDog Airlines

BrewDog Airlines

The world's first craft beer airline took it's inaugural flight from London to Columbus in 2018. In 2019 we made that same journey again, but also flew our USA Equity Punks from Columbus to Edinburgh to see where it all began.

We have lift off

What happened on the world’s beeriest airline?

James Watt and Martin Dickie presented the highest ever beer tasting onboard with an exclusive beer, designed to taste better at altitude!
BrewDog-inspired in-flight meal with recommend BrewDog beer pairings, as chosen by one of our Advanced Cicerone staff members.
Exclusive In-flight goody bag including a BrewDog branded blanket, eye-mask and pillow set, re-usable branded cup, snacks and other surprises
IPADs with beery in-flight entertainment from drink TV as well as a choice of Blockbuster movies