Ciderama Collab

Alc Vol. 5.5%

To re-live Hawkes Ciderama - London's very own craft cider festival, Hawkes have created a collaborative cider with Anxo, Oliver's Cider and Blakstoc, that smashed together the great and the bold of the modern day cider tribes. This cider is multi-lingual, a melting pot of innovation that holds no single citizenship.

Apple zealots Anxo bring ridiculously dry, barrel-fermented Bramley whilst Oliver's time-honoured style takes a counter-balance with a super tannic Herefordshire mix. From Hawkes comes our very own wine-yeast fermented single variety and Blakstoc selected a mix of Orange peel, Coriander, Sea Salt and Hops to finish the cider with a Euro-Gose twist.

This cider is the essence of Hawkes Ciderama, a celebration of the world we all built.

Ingredients: apples, orange peel, coriander, sea salt, hops, yeast, water.

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