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Our yearly showcase of the best dark beers has returned! For the whole of November 40% of our Draft Boards in every bar will be dedicated to the best dark beers we can get our paws on. Head to your local bar’s page to see what they’re pouring each week or check out some of the beers we are most excited about below.  

Northern Monk - Death - 12% Imperial Stout

Well balanced with rich, decadent chocolate reigning supreme. Blackcurrant and berry notes in the aroma with a touch of plum lingering in the background.

Dead End Brew Machine - Armagnac BA The Last Redoubt - 8.8% Dark Chocolate Stout

A dark chocolate stout brewed with 10 different malts, fermented on a custom blend of fruity ester heavy yeast and aged on 70kg of freshly roasted Peruvian cacao nibs in an Armagnac cask for 10 months.

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Het Uiltje - Schwarzwalder Kirsch - 8% Cherry Oatmeal Sweet Stout

Dark and murky with a touch of vanilla and raison around the edges, this distinctive sweet stout is perfect for chilly weather and darker nights. 

Fierce Beer - Barrel Aged Maple Very Big Moose - 12.5% American Imperial Stout

This variant of the multi-award winning ‘Very Big Moose’ was brewed with fenugreek and maple syrup! Lots of it. The smooth blend of vanilla, chocolate and maple syrup was then aged in Bourbon barrels for 9 months

Stone Berlin - Xocoveza - 8.1% Imperial Stout

A winter-spiced mocha stout generously layered with cocoa, coffee, vanilla, pasilla peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg and milk sugar.

Choco Libre - BrewDog USA - 8.2% Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout

This nitro brew showcases the flavours of a Mexican spiced hot chocolate, infused with an imperial stout. Dark chocolate mixes with coffee and cinnamon flavours, all layered over smooth roastiness, finished with a cayenne pepper drop kick to the throat.

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