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Equity For Punks


At BrewDog, you already know that homebrewing is in our DNA. But we also know the same spirit of creativity and passion for craft beer runs through our Equity Punk community – so we are going to let our Equity Punks design and brew new beers with us. And sell them in our online shop, in BrewDog Bars and the Fanzine beer club. How does that sound?


If you are an Equity Punk then click below to log in and submit your beery idea. 

brew with us

Equity Punks can submit beer ideas and have their creations enjoyed by thousands of people around the world.

If you want to think of a beer and then see it drop through your door in Fanzine or pour on tap from your local BrewDog Bar, we can make it happen. And the best bit? You get to brew your beer, with us, in our brewery. Whichever side of the Atlantic you call home.


Our rock and roll brewteam will check each and every submission and will assemble a three-strong showcase to be brewed, every other month, over the next six months. The Equity Punks responsible for each, whether solo beer heroes or groups of up to five, will be invited to our brewery in Ellon or Columbus to scale up their creation into a full production batch. They’ll also score a case of 24 beers once released.

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how to homebrew

find out everything you need to know about the basics of homebrewing

So you've decided to get stuck in and brew your own delicious beer at home. Awesome! You’re about to take part in a task almost as old as humanity itself. But there’s no reason to be intimidated. Although people have been brewing beer for millennia, the basic process has remained much the same through the ages. Find out what ingredients and equipment you'll be using and exactly what you need to do right here!


DIY Dog 2019 is out now, containing 89 brand new recipes. 415 in total

Every year we re-release one of the best documents we have ever put together. DIY Dog. A compilation for (and of) the ages, it contains every single BrewDog beer recipe in homebrew-level detail, issued as a free download to anybody who would like it. Hundreds of brewdays to come, more than a decade in the making. All there in black and white. Last year we rocked 63 new recipes but we have gone even bigger in the twelve months since.

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