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Hello! Equity for Punks Tomorrow is now closed. We raised a grand total of £30.2 million with every penny dedicated to high-impact sustainability initiatives. Thanks to the 73,802 people who invested in our last ever raise.

For investors in BrewDog plc, our focus is now on delivering all the awesome benefits to go along with your investment! You can see the latest status on each benefit below.


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Updated: 24/01/2021


Status key:

Coming soon - ☐
On its way - ☑
Delivered - ✅


Core benefits

• Lifetime discount in our bars and online shop ✅ (Unlocked upon investment)
• A free beer on your birthday every year ✅ (Unlocked upon investment)
• AGM invite for you and a friend ✅ (Unlocked upon investment)
• Sustainable supper club ✅ (Unlocked upon investment)
• Access to Exclusive Tomorrow Punk merch ☐ (Coming Summer 2022)
• Your own tree planted in the BrewDog Forest ☐ (Coming Summer 2022)
• An Equity for Punks Tomorrow Pin Badge ☑ (UK
core benefits only investors have all been sent this with the final batch
shipping on the 7th of Jan 2022. UK investors eligible for Tier 1 & Tier 2 benefits will receive these alongside other benefits. International core benefits investors will receive these by end of February 2022. Non-UK investors eligible for higher tier benefits will receive these alongside other benefits).

Boosted Benefits

Tier 1

• A copy of Craft beer for the geeks worth £15 ☑ (For pre-extension investors (those who invested and selected benefits before March 24th 2021): Dispatch completed for UK investors expecting Tier 1 only. All remaining UK, France, Netherlands and Germany dispatching by Jan 2022. All other regions’ shipments will commence in January 2022. For all post extension investors, we will be shipping from March 2022).
• A 12-pack of Trash Can Punk to gift forward to a friend ☑ (Most dispatched by 14th December 2021 for UK investors expecting Tier 1 only, with circa 1,000 UK recipients pending dispatch due to stock issues of packing materials. Remaining UK shipments expected to be
completed by 20th Jan 2022. France, Germany, Netherlands will commence shipping by January 2022. Please note, we are shipping these direct to investors to gift to a friend). For other regions, BrewDog will be in touch Jan 2022 with update on shipments.

• Exclusive limited edition ‘A Good Company’ BrewDog branded pen & notebook ☐ (Estimated to ship Feb 2022 for pre extension UK investors, Feb 2022 for pre extension non-UK investors. Dispatching April 2022 for those who invested & selected post extension. Initial stock delivery was delayed due to seasonal constraints in supply chain).

Tier 2

• A Limited-Edition 24 pack of cans of Hello My Name is Gale ☑ (Dispatching by 31st December 2021 for UK, France, Netherlands and Germany investors. January 2022 for all other regions’ investors).
• BrewDog ‘X A Good Company’ water bottle ☐ (Dispatching Feb 2022 for pre-extension investors who invested & selected the benefit before 24th March 2021. Dispatching April 2022 for those who invested or selected this benefit after extension.)
• An exclusive Tomorrow Punk T-shirt* from sustainable sources ☐ (Dispatching Feb 2022 for pre-extension investors’ selections. March 2022 for Post extension investors).

Tier 3

• An exclusive 8-pack of sustainably brewed, special edition barrel-aged beer using foraged tree fruit, which you and your fellow Equity Punks will name! ☐ (Recipe in progress, expect an email from us about the name by end of January 2022! Brew will commence in February 2022, for release by July 2022. This timeline has moved along 1 month due to seasonal constraints).
• Growler Club membership, with no deposit for the growler and one free fill of any BrewDog draft beer every month for a year ☐ (Launching Feb 2022.)

Tier 4

• 3 special release Overworks beers brewed exclusively for Equity for Punks Tomorrow, plus a Tomorrow Punk glassware set and bar blade ☐ (Dispatching by June 2022.)
• Invitation to a Brew Day at your local OutPost for you and 2 friends, to brew your own beer! Plus an invite to the launch event at the Outpost when it hits the taps. ☐ (Sign up details and dates/locations will be emailed to all eligible investors in January 2022. Check your local Outposts here to see where you might be brewing!)

Tier 5

• A special edition case of Bad Beer Vodka  ☐ (Dispatching May 2022).
• One double discount per month for bar or online shop, for 1 year, with free shipping when used online ☐ (Issuing by end of February 2022).
• One vegan meal & beer every month for 2 years at UK BrewDog bars ☐ (Issuing by end of February 2022).
• A BrewDog Branded Yeti cooler worth £250 & 12-pack of Punk to fill it with ☐ (Coolers ordered December 2021. Estimated to dispatch to recipients by April 2022).

Tier 6

• One free case of 24 cans of BrewDog beers on next-day delivery to your door where available, every month for 1 year. ☐ (Issuing by end of February 2022).
• Tomorrow Punks Dog Day: You’ll spend a day nerding out with our quality team & HQ crew with a special taste panel, a session in our lab, a close look at our investment in sustainability, and dinner & a Q&A with our masters of quality ☐ (Invitations and dates to be emailed to all eligible investors in January 2022.)
• Your own cask of sustainable whisky. Visit it whenever you want, and when it’s ready, we will deliver a case of bottles of your sustainable, bespoke whisky. ☐ (Expected 2025.)

Referral benefits

1 referral
• Badge on through loyalty platform ✅ (Unlocked upon investment.)

3 referrals
• 4 pack of Punk to redeem online ☐ (Issuing in January 2022.)

5 referrals
• BrewDog x AGC Phone case ☑ (All recipients were emailed on 16th December requesting their preferred phone case size. Please ensure you make a selection by 23rd December to secure your size. Dispatching est. May 2022).
• Exclusive Tomorrow Punks Sustainably sourced hat ☐ (Dispatching February 2022.)

10 Referrals
• 3 pack of BA beer (Wind power brewed) ☐ (Dispatching May 2022.)
• 10 referrals pin badge ☐ (Dispatching February 2022.)

20 referrals
• Exclusive Brewdog Tomorrow sustainably sourced hoodie ☑ (All recipients were emailed on 16th December requesting their preferred hoodie size. Please ensure you make a selection by 23rd December to secure your size. Dispatching estimated February 2022).

• £20 Credit for BrewDog Now ☑ (Issuing January 2022.)

Top 5 referrers
• A limited edition BrewDog x VanMoof electric bike ✅ (All bikes were delivered by 25/10/21.)


Stay tuned for an update on our US investor benefits!


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