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Terms and Conditions

  • Honest to Dog is available to Equity Punks only, and can only be applied to beer and food that they purchase for themselves and no one else in their party.
  • Honest to Dog is available in every BrewDog bar, with the exception of Inverurie, Edinburgh Airport, Reykjavik, Oslo, Florence, Bologna and Rome due to licensing reasons.
  • All spirits, wine, take-aways and Merch are excluded.
  • Our Scottish, and some of our international BrewDog bars, will have to comply with minimum-pricing legislation on all alcohol sales so please ask the bar crew for more details.
  • Honest to Dog will work in conjunction with the regular Equity Punk discount, Daytime Discount & Wings Wednesday. It will not work with any of the 2-for-1 or ½ price deals.