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Introducing cosmic crush



Our latest range of sours from the Brewdog overworks

Richard Kilcullen and his incredible team of fermentationalists at the BrewDog OverWorks have been acing it for months, but things are about to get even better. You may have been lucky enough to discover a new range of fruit sours in our bars recently – Scottish Sour Ales that will be flying the flag for the OverWorks in keg (and very soon, in bottle).

Introducing Cosmic Crush.

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Try for yourself

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So what’s the deal? Here’s Richard himself with the skinny on his new creation!

“With Cosmic Crush we want a beer that showcases the best elements of our programme; funk, acidity, amazing quality fruits, all while remaining accessible to new drinkers and craft veterans alike. These beers are made with the same care, culture and ageing techniques as all of our offerings, but will be available year-round.”

Yes, Cosmic Crush is set to be the powerhouse and workhorse of the OverWorks. Be very excited. For one reason as to why, check how the beer is created.

First up, the wort is introduced to Brettanomyces and the magic of fermentation begins. Soon after they are loaded with 200g/litre of one of four different whole fruits to create a complex but balanced modern Scottish sour. The quartet of influences on Cosmic Crush are Peach, Pear, Raspberry and Cherry and these individual beers are then given over to the OverWorks barrel store to develop even more flavour.

The key to this development is the blending with our house mixed culture Cher Ami which delivers a payload of flavour, tartness and acidity wherever it is introduced. Added when the Brett has slowed and the fruit sugars fermented, Cher Ami works at a slower pace in oak as it adjusts the acidity of the beer and prolongs fermentation. The longer we leave it, the more character we get. In this regard, our OverWorks crew use time as an ingredient, not a barrier.


Layering complexity and depth of flavour around subtle wood character while allowing the fruit and acids to harmonise cannot be rushed. Or faked. Cosmic Crush is evidence of this, and this pinpoint balancing act of the four pillars – acidity, fruit flavour, barrel character and time – is what sets a true mixed fermentation beer apart from others. It is also what makes each Cosmic Crush release accessible, balanced and delicious.

Out now in draft and very soon in bottles (with unique artwork from amazing artists), Cosmic Crush will be your new go-to sour and your ticket to a new world of alternative brewing. If you’d like to keep up with the goings-on at the OverWorks as they develop Cosmic Crush and other epic mixed fermentation beers, check out the official OverWorks social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The key to this development is the blending.