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The community decides



This is beer chosen by the people, for the people. Every year we invite our community to take part in the ultimate vote to decide on a brand new beer. You pick everything, from style to malt to hops to twist – even the label design!

Winning label

Nathan William's design took the spoils

Just 8 votes split the top two entrants. His artwork is the final piece of the 9% ABV Red Double IPA that our brewers will now set to work on. Loaded with American hops, guava & sweet orange peel and at 100 IBUs this is going to be an incredible vintage.

Winning Twist

Guava and sweet orange peel

We had thousands of ballots cast in this act of beery democracy – so without further ado we should reveal the result of the final recipe-related vote. It’s time to run the rule over the Twist.

#MashTag 2019 Twist:
Double Dry Hopped - 32%
Guava & Sweet Orange Peel – 42%
Hazy – 26%

A very close call, but the fruit addition takes the throne!

Winning hops and IBU

We're heading to the USA for this year's hops

Yesterday hundreds more of you made your voices known in choosing where we will be going to get our hops.

#MashTag 2018 Hops & IBU:
US Hops & 100IBU - 52%
German & 75 IBU - 24%
UK Hops & 50 IBU - 24%

There you have it – our 9% Red Double IPA is heading across the Atlantic for its hop load. Think piney, citrus and resinous hop character combined with the highest IBU of the lot!

Winning malt and ABV

9% red double IPA come out on top

Once again, hundreds of you exercised your democratic right and voted for your favoured option in our malt ballot. So how did it go?

#MashTag 2019 Malt Bill & ABV:
4% Irish Red Ale - 19%
6.5% US Amber Ale - 27%
9% Red Double IPA - 54%

No doubt about it, 9% Red Double IPA was the clear favourite from early on!

Winning Style

IPA is the People's choice

Four styles have battled it out to be crowned the #MashTag2019 winner, but sadly there can only be one. With hundreds of votes cast and counted on our social channels, day one of #MashTag 2019 looks like this:-

#MashTag 2019 Beer Style:
Pale Ale/Bitter - 15%
IPA – 38%
Stout – 24%
Barley Wine – 23%

So the #MashTag beer you’ll be enjoying later in the year will be an IPA!


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