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P.O.P Soda FAQ

What is the relationship between P.O.P Soda and BrewDog?

P.O.P Soda Limited is a BrewDog PLC group company, with agreements in place to ensure that no profit is made on the manufacture of this product by either legal entity.

What does 100% of profits mean?

All profits* made by P.O.P Soda Drinks Limited will be donated to worthy causes, selected in conjunction with our professional scientific advisers.

*The 100% of profits committed to fund climate solutions only applies to profits generated by POP Soda Limited and does not extend to profits made byTesco and other retailers (including BrewDog bars) who sell or serve P.O.P soda drinks

How frequently do we select projects?

We select projects every quarter to fund.

When will I get feedback on my application?

You will receive feedback within 3 months of submitting your application.

Who do I contact if we have more questions?

Email us at [email protected] . We’d be happy to help!

How do we ensure all profits go to good causes?

We screen all projects in conjunction with our independent scientific advisers to ensure we select the best, most impactful causes. We will select 5-10 projects to fund 4 times per year.

Projects will be selected and donations made in May 2022, Aug 2022, Nov 2022, Feb 2023 etc.

What types of causes do we support?

  • Innovative projects that aim to drive climate action. For example:

-  Social housing developers implementing low carbon heating systems, community owned or small-scale heat networks; and
-  Community owned or private small scale renewable energy generation projects.

  • Organisations which have a clear mission and measurable targets, such as:

-  Those focussed on education or supporting the development of low carbon or renewable energy generation and which can demonstrate the CO2 reduction benefits compared with doing nothing and which balance the project benefits against the cost of implementation.
-  BrewDog’s goal is to support projects demonstrating real carbon emissions reductions and to help raise awareness of amazing carbon reduction projects taking place.

  • High leverage projects where a little bit of funding might stand to have a huge impact. For example:

-   Helping organisations fund initial feasibility studies to help kick off energy reduction projects; and
-   Supporting projects which have had initial feasibility and require seed funding to start their project such as solar PV, heat pumps, biofuels, hydrogen electrolyser etc.

We also intend to promote these projects and share success stories with industry players and customers to quantify the costs and benefits of climate action projects.

What types of causes do we not support?

  • Organisations who are not a registered charity or not for profit.

  • Climate action conferences, events or sponsorships

  • Political campaigns

  • Land acquisition, building projects or research projects

What is the nutritional value of P.O.P Soda?

  • P.O.P Soda is a range of four carbonated, low calorie soft drinks with added vitamins and natural flavourings. Each can of P.O.P Soda contains 66 calories, 14.85g of sugar (British beet) and includes no artificial sweeteners.

Does P.O.P Soda contain caffeine?

  • Our soft drinks are caffeine-free, even our Citizen Cola. You can check the ingredients in the specific product page.

Where can I find P.O.P soda?

  • P.O.P Soda can exclusively be found in selected Tesco stores and on