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BrewDog x That Peter Crouch Podcast

You can now share in the joy of BrewDog and That Peter Crouch Podcast working together to bring (our) great beers to the world. We’re guessing you’re probably here for the tickets to Crouchy’s bash at BrewDog Waterloo. Bad news on that front: tickets to the September event have now gone. But the good news is, there will be another event happening at the end of October - and your chance to win tickets to THAT event will be back on this page very, very soon. In the meantime, feel free to have a poke around...

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Buy beer, get tickets (maybe)

Want to party with Crouchy? Of course you do… which is why you’ll be gutted to learn tickets to the September event at BrewDog Waterloo – all themed around Black Heart – have now gone. But fear not! Keep listening to the podcast (or simply checking back here) and you will soon hear Crouchy and the team talking about a different one of our beers… and another event at the end of October...

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New home of the pod

Maybe it was the slide in the bar. Maybe it was the unlimited chicken wings. Maybe it was the vast quantities of good beer on tap. Whatever it was, Crouchy, Chris and Statman Dave are now very happy to call BrewDog Waterloo their new home. Every episode of That Peter Crouch Podcast is now recorded at our flagship bar… which is a more than good enough reason for you to pop in for a pint if you’re ever in the vicinity.


Laout: gone but not forgotten

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RIP Laout. For a time, you changed the beer world. Then the Karls at the supermarkets failed to see your true potential… and now you’re gone forever.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, Laout is/was a pretty simple equation. ‘La’ for lager + ‘out’ from stout = Laout. That’s it. Peter Crouch decided some time ago that mixing lager and stout in a glass made for a delicious beer cocktail. He called it Laout. He spent ages talking about it on That Peter Crouch Podcast. Enter… BrewDog.

Our brewing experts (aka the Beer Wizard and his colleagues) had a good look at what Crouchy loved about his concoction. After some tasting sessions on the podcast, our guys came up with a recipe for a beer which ticked all those boxes of the lager-stout mix.

The podcast fans went nuts for it – creating the can design, coming up with jingles and billboards, breaking the internet talking about it – and we brewed a belting beer. A 5.4% medley of dark malts with notes of coffee and chocolate; a body that was creamy but light, with a fizz that reminded you – there’s lager in there.

Maybe one day, the world will be ready to truly embrace the genius of Laout. Until then, we shall never forget you…