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Entrants must post a photo of their BrewDog Pint to their Instagram page, include #BrewDogAirlines, and tag the location of their pub to qualify for this prize

Only photos posted in a participating pub will qualify for entry

The photo can be of any BrewDog beer available, as a pint, in the participating venue

BrewDog plc are offering the prize of two seats on their airline for a trip to BrewDog USA Inc. brewery in Columbus, Ohio.

The prize is only available on the flights specified by the BrewDog airline, which are detailed as follows; the outbound flight is from London Stansted at 11:00am on Thursday 31st October 2019 and the inbound flight is from Columbus airport at 18:00 on Tuesday 5th November 2019.

Entrants must comply with the rest of the T&Cs for passengers: []

Entrants must be over 21 on the date of the outbound flight – US drinking age is 21.

Entrants to the competition do not have to be a BrewDog Equity Punk investor.

Entries will only be counted in the condition that an entrant enters the required fields on the competition landing page: contact details (full name, email and telephone) & select retailer from the drop down list at

Winners will be randomly selected by BrewDog and notified through email or telephone by 10th October.

By entering into the competition, you agree that BrewDog can contact you regarding this competition either through email or telephone, and that BrewDog can publicly announce that you have won through their official social media channels.

Entries will only be accepted until 9th October 2019.

It is one entry per day and per photo

Each winner will receive 2x seats on the flight.

Flights and accommodation will be paid for by BrewDog.

Winners will receive $300 BrewBucks to spend in the BrewDog brewery.

If either winner cannot attend or has not confirmed all flight details by 15th October, the winner forfeits the prize and BrewDog will select another Winner. All flight details need to be sent before 15th October latest.

If the Winner’s plus one cannot attend, the Winner has to provide binding details of another plus 1 by 15th October (plus 1s need to be over the age of 21).

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash, or any other payment or reward.

Every applicant and plus 1 must have a valid passport.

Every applicant and plus 1 must also have a valid ESTA in order to fly- applied here

Flight times may be subject to change.