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At BrewDog we believe that whatever appears in your eyeline exists to be taken on and conquered. Challenges are only there to be met. And then bested.

Another group who share this mindset are our friends at Tough Mudder. They don’t just preach – they live it on a weekly basis. We love their tenacity and drive, and how they also draw it from the people who best themselves by taking on their courses. BrewDog and Tough Mudder are brothers in arms.


official tough mudder finisher drink

Tough Mudder dial in a series of amazing obstacle courses across the UK and further afield – each one designed to reward teamwork and foster personal accomplishment at every twist and turn. Keep going, whatever happens. That’s the mantra. We absolutely love it.

That’s why we have joined forces with Tough Mudder to provide the ultimate reward for those completing the challenge they set. Punk IPA is now the official finisher drink for all Tough Mudder UK events. Make it to the finish line and we’ll hand you a can of chilled Punk IPA. Tough has its rewards.

From 5K events to 10 milers, cross-country and in the heart of your city, overcoming obstacles and rising to the challenge is exactly what Tough Mudder are about. It’s an attitude we totally agree with. So sign up, limber up, and look forward to that Punk IPA at the finish when you have bested all the barriers along the way.

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