Edinburgh Airport


For too long, airport bars have just been places to get the beers in before the gate closes, or a method of coping with the journey ahead. We hate this. We believe airport bars should serve amazing beer, in the right way, in a location you want to be in rather than one you head to as the only resort. Say Hello to BrewDog Edinburgh Airport. Located between gates 12 - 16 you will find your craft beer haven serving up awesome BrewDog beers from 14 taps alongside a delicious array of loaded sandwiches, potato tots, salads & more... we'll have you praying for delay!

Monday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Tuesday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Wednesday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Thursday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Friday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Saturday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM
Sunday   4:00 AM   -   12:00 AM