Cocoa Psycho



Welcome to the world of Cocoa Psycho, a liquid dimension where pure indulgence reigns.

This Imperial Stout borrows from the voluptuary decadence of 18th Century Russia, with its extravagantly smooth blend of crushed coffee beans, cacao nibs and dark malts.

Dig past the infusions of vanilla pods and toasted oak chips and eventually you’ll come face to face with the madness required to make this beer: a kind of depraved logic that would make Rasputin himself proud.

To fully unleash the aromas and bittersweet luxury of this stout we recommend drinking it from a stemmed beer glass before taking a sledgehammer to a Faberge egg.

Brew Sheet

ABV PercentABV: 10%
OGOG: 1098
IBU'sIBU's: 85
MaltsMalts: Extra Pale, Wheat, Dark Crystal, Smoked, Black, Roasted Barley
HopsHops: Cascade