It’s been just over a week since the doors opened to our brand new taproom in the United States – and the number of people who have walked through those doors since has been nothing short of incredible. Our crew at DogTap Columbus are working all hours to ensure that everyone who visits has an amazing time, but today we are psyched to announce exactly how we intend to make that experience even better.

We are launching The DogHouse, Columbus - the world’s first craft beer hotel and sour brewery.

And you can help us make it happen by supporting us via Indiegogo


Yes, you may well have read about our recent attempts to build a BrewDog hotel near our Ellon brewery in Aberdeenshire (which we are still hopeful of getting over the line). But in the meantime we have partnered with the amazing guys at Indiegogo on a campaign that you can get involved with, to construct the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel attached to a brand new BrewDog sour beer facility in Columbus – and we have awesome, money-can’t-buy perks for those who do!

Head to our page on Indiegogo for all of the details on The DogHouse Columbus, but in supporting our campaign you can rack up rewards from tours, tastings and t-shirts to free stays in the hotel, beery spa treatments and the chance to design your very own sour beer. And you can even take over the entire hotel and all fifty rooms for a night with breakfast and lunch included – so that’s your next office teambuilding day sorted!


We have already kicked off the design process for The DogHouse Columbus and the features of the hotel and rooms are being dialled in as we speak. We are going all out to make The DogHouse the best beer-oriented hotel in the world. Just cast your eyes over the following...

- Craft beer minibars curated by James and Martin
- Punk IPA on tap in your room
- Beer Spa treatments with bespoke hop oils
- Epic restaurant majoring in beer and food pairings 
- Craft beer themed breakfasts, lunches and dinners
- En-suite shower beer fridges*
- Wake up to views of our sour beer foeders

* It will be our mission to ensure you are never more than an arm's reach from a chilled Punk IPA


There are a few hotels where you can stay near to a brewery - but there are none where you can wake up inside a brewery. The DogHouse Columbus will greet you each morning with the aromas from our gently fermenting foeders even before you head down for breakfast. It will be a focal point for fans of craft beer and a must-stay for anybody making the pilgrimage to check out our adventures in Ohio. Anybody visiting from Columbus itself - why head back to your house when you can stay next to our brewhouse?

Check out our IndieGoGo page here and discover more about the perks and rewards you can gain, plus our plans for the project as a whole - but our number one plan is to make The DogHouse the best craft beer hotel in the world. As we'll be pouring beer for guests from across the globe we welcome investment to help make The DogHouse happen wherever you happen to live. Whether you're in the States planning a roadtrip or further afield, you can get involved and help us generate another 80 jobs for the local area (not to mention add another entry to your bucket list).

Stand by for more updates soon and let us know in the comments what would feature in your ideal beer-related hotel!