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Last year we joined forces with the guys at Tough Mudder to provide the ultimate reward for those willing to step away from their comfort zone and tackle one of their amazing courses. Taking on – and conquering – whatever challenge appears in your eyeline is something we love, and a mindset we totally agree with. So we are psyched that for this year we are going a step further. Punk IPA is now the official finisher drink for all Tough Mudder UK events.

When you make it to the finish line, we’ll hand you a cold can of Punk IPA there and then. Challenge complete.

Check out the Tough Mudder website to sign up for an event! We’ll be ready and waiting with a high-five and a Punk IPA at all Classic and 5K weekends; starting with London West (Henley) May 4th/5th and running up to London South (Faygate) September 21st/22nd. We will also be there for each epic Urban 5K event – Clapham Common, Bristol, Northampton and kicking off with our first partnership at the Urban 5K Finsbury Park on April 12th/13th!

Equity Punks – as we rock a discount for you guys in our bars and online, we have also worked with Tough Mudder to do exactly the same. Any BrewDog Equity Punk who wants to take part in any of the Tough Mudder events can do so with a 25% discount code! Just head to the forum for all the details. Sign up, limber up, and look forward to that Punk IPA at the finish when you have bested all the barriers along the way.


Our continued alliance with Tough Mudder makes perfect sense – we tackled obstacles placed before us from day one and continue to do so. We know the attitude and teamwork it takes to get to the finish line. Plus, we also know that no-one deserves a chilled Punk IPA more than the Mudders who have challenged themselves from when they leave the start-line. So we are psyched that once again, Mud Sweat and Beers will be the order of the day to all who overcome their own obstacles and make it to the finish line.

Check here for a Tough Mudder event near you!