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Beer and Barbecue. When you run down the list of perfect pairings, nothing comes close to these savoury soulmates. For some time we have hooked up BrewDog regulars in Leeds with the Pitmasters at Red’s True Barbecue – hand-delivering freshly-served low and slow to our bars in the city. But if you live in the East Midlands then things are about to get even more appetising. Red’s aren’t just coming to Leicester, they are taking over.

From Tuesday 26th February, the famed BBQ smokehouse are taking residence at BrewDog Leicester.


Red’s True Barbecue have a laser-like focus on quality and hitting the perfect serve every time – exactly like us. This is a match made in heaven; a long-term kitchen residency at BrewDog Leicester from the champions of British barbecue. Last year, Red’s were invited to the World Championship Bar-B-Que in Texas and came fourth. Out of 252 teams. Using only the rubs, cuts and sauces they serve in their restaurants they were less than three points away from being Grand Champions.

We have worked with these new kings of Texas on a specific series of pairings with our beers – matching eight BrewDog draft choices with their eleven-strong meat and vegetarian menu. Check out this list and don’t tell us that mouth isn’t starting to water.

* Pork N Slaw & Clockwork Tangerine

* Brisket Tray & 5AM Saint

* Pit Tray & Punk IPA

* Ribs & Wings & Vagabond Pale Ale

* Chargrilled Chicken Burger & Elvis Juice

* Pit Burger & Indie Pale Ale

* Classic Bacon Cheeseburger & Lost Lager

* Moving Mountains Burger & Dead Pony Club


The affinity that beer and Barbecue have with each other is ingrained. Their flavours work so well because there is a common thread linking the two – a little-known moment of science. The chemical process by which browning occurs when you cook something is the Maillard reaction. It’s why meat goes into the BBQ pit one colour and comes out darker – and also why grains of barley darken when they are kilned during malting. It’s the same process. Same flavours = Perfect bedfellows.

And from Tuesday, if you head to BrewDog Leicester with a hearty appetite you’ll be rewarded with the best BBQ and craft beer combination around. Equity Punks – you’ll also score thanks to your bars discount which will cover – of course – all food options from Red’s, and our Leicester bar will also be rocking a Lunchtime Worship deal for those in a hurry. So get down, get those elbows out and discover exactly why you nothing comes close to great beer and BBQ.

And if there are any other UK BrewDog Bars you’d love to see Red’s True Barbecue roll up to, let us know in the comments below!