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At BrewDog we hold that nothing is sacred. If we can see a way to make something better – we will. Take our network of BrewDog Bars. Alongside opening epic new locations, our dedicated bars crew are constantly evaluating existing ones to see how we can improve them – and therefore give you guys an even better time when you step through the doors. When it comes to it, we aren’t afraid to take the most drastic course; wield a sledgehammer to give a bar a whole new look. And that is just what we have done with one of our most popular bars in central London.

Your brand new BrewDog Soho 2.0 is ready and waiting now.


On the scale of minor TLC to complete renovation – this one sits right at the top. BrewDog Soho is by far and away the biggest refurb we have done to this point. Having closed the bar for nearly three weeks we gave it a facelift and then some. First up, we ripped out the old bar and added a brand new one in a different location; now running along the right-hand side of the bar this gives a much larger space upstairs!

Talking of space we also moved the staircase – yep – so that it also runs away in a different direction and gives more room for those in the bar. At the same time we added stadium seating for those looking to chill out but increased the number of booths on both levels. Alongside new lighting the bar looks completely different – be sure and check it out if you live in London or visit there and let us know what you think!

However, the biggest update at Soho took place behind the scenes.


As we were totally reimagining the bar we took the time to work on the most important part – the beer cellar and draft system. For some time we have been converting our bars to direct draw dispense to reduce the distance the beer travels in the lines and ensure no temperature fluctuation. But with Soho we have gone a step further; and in four directions. We have added four individually temperature-controlled draft lines to the bar, complete with direct draw to the kegs underneath.

With individual fridges for that quartet of kegs, we now control the temperature of every part of the journey your beers makes from keg to glass.

That means that we won’t just be monitoring the temperature of the beer, but will be adjusting it to the perfect degree to showcase the style. So big, and highly complex, imperial stouts or barrel-aged barley wines will be maintained at a warmer, controllable, temperature to bring out the incredible flavours even more. No longer will you need to wait for the beer to warm up and come to you; it will be ready the moment you are.


With new insulation in the main beer cellar we have gone all out to ensure that every beer is presented in the best possible way – that is our true North, and a mantra we live by every time we open the doors of a BrewDog Bar.

But we are not stopping there – following the Soho project we are turning attention to BrewDog Barcelona for a redesign (it will open on the 14th of March). We’re also looking to rework the upstairs area at BrewDog Reading next month – and stand by for upgrades to BrewDog Brussels and BD57 in Oslo, and an awesome new external space and garage door-style frontage for our bar in Glasgow Merchant City. More will follow!