Wanna invest in Equity for Punks USA?

We're no longer accepting investments through brewdog.com BUT DO NOT FEAR!

You can still invest in Equity for Punks USA via our pals at Crowdfunder here.

On top of that, YOU CAN NOW INVEST WITH YOUR LOVED ONE AS A JOINT INVESTMENT - so if you've forgotten to buy your Valentine's Day gift, then you're in luck!

You can also use your IRA as investment through Crowdfunder - what are you waiting for?

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Need to Redeem Your Gifted Shares?

If you've been gifted shares in Equity for Punks USA, you need to enter your details via the below button so we can initiate the share transfer. You have until midnight PST on February 18th to do this.

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Got a question about Equity for Punks USA? Sling an email to equitypunksusa@brewdog.com and we'll help you out.