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Got a question about Equity for Punks USA? We’ve got it covered.

Check out our FAQ below for all the common queries we hear about investing in BrewDog USA, Inc., and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, email equityforpunksusa@brewdog.com and someone will help you out!

How do I buy shares?

That’s easy! Just hit up equityforpunksusa.com and click ‘INVEST NOW!’ – that’ll open the form, then you just need to fill it all in and we’ll do the rest.

 There are a number of ways that you can pay for your shares; these are credit/debit, wire transfer, ACH and check! Just check the box for your preferred payment method, and you’re away! We’ll take the payment for debit, credit or ACH immediately, and for all other methods you’ll receive the deets in an email once you’ve completed the application. Make sure you follow the instructions in the email to complete your investment.

What should I do before buying shares?

You should read the risks, which are located in the Offering Circular available here (don’t worry, it has some nice pictures too) and the terms and conditions, which are also included in the document. There is also a bit more information about being an Equity Punk in the brochure found here. You will need to enter some deets online (the US government insists!) but we made the process as easy as possible. Just go to this link and hit the ‘INVEST NOW!’ button.

How much do shares cost?

For just $50 you can bag yourself a share in our U.S. brewery! Shares cost $50 each. For accredited investors, there's no maximum investment, and for non-accredited investors you can invest up to 10% of your annual income or net worth. 

Are there benefits to investing?

Yes, lots! Not only do you get to own a piece of our brewery and our business in America, you also get a 5% discount in all BrewDog bars around the globe as well as a 10% discount in our US online shop, a free beer on your birthday, an invite to our soon-to-be legendary AGM (Annual General Mayhem) and a signed copy of our book, Craft Beer For The People. And that’s just our everyday benefits! 

If I invest more, do I get more benefits?

Absolutely! If you invest extra you can get your paws on our upper tier perks. These start at $100, where you can bag yourself a 3 month subscription to our brand new TV network Brew Dogs, launching soon! Love visiting our bars and online shop?

Invest over $500 and you’ll receive a double discount in both; 10% in our bars globally and 20% in our U.S. online shop! Awesome!

Invest over $1,000 and you can access our awesome Club Benefits, choosing between a subscription to our OverWorks Overlords beer club, getting exclusive bottles of funky beer from our new sour beer facility, or for 2 nights at our craft beer hotel with the DogHouse Club! Or invest £1,500 and get both!

We have a whole raft of turbo-charged Boosted Benefits too! Like the sound of a custom designed beer fridge for your favorite canned and bottled brews, a cask of your own LoneWolf whisky or your very own BrewDog bar installed in your home?! Starting at $5,000 you unlock the opportunity to select from a bunch of extra special Boosted Benefits! Check out the full deets here.

As an Equity Punk, do I get a say in how the business is run?

You sure do! All Equity Punks get access to the Forum, our direct line of communication with our 80,000-strong community across our UK and U.S. businesses, where we soundboard our company decisions with you, and encourage discussions on all things beer and BrewDog!

Not only do you get to sound out all your ideas on the Forum, if you live near a BrewDog bar, you can join the Crow’s Nest collective. This is where you claim your local bar as your own and have the chance to shape and vote on ideas to make your bar even better!

I live outside the US of A! Can I invest?

You sure can! As long as it’s legal in your country of residence, then you can join our legion of Equity Punks! If you’re a resident of Europe, you can also check out Equity for Punks V by visiting brewdog.com/equityforpunks to find out more about how to buy a piece of our Scottish business!

I am already a shareholder, can I buy more?

If you have already bought shares in a previous round Equity for Punks for our UK or US businesses previously, you are one of the 90,000 people who we class as our nearest and dearest friends. Thank you! As long as you are comfortable that your own situation makes you eligible to be an investor, we’d love for you to join the ranks of investors in our US company in this round of Equity for Punks USA! Your account page on our website is set up to clearly display the number of shares you hold in both BrewDog plc and BrewDog USA, Inc. You must use the same email address used in previous investment rounds to ensure any shares you’ve purchased will stack on your account.

I am already a shareholder, do those shares count towards these benefits?

Unfortunately, no. We are unable to use your previous investment towards benefits in this open round of Equity for Punks. Each time we open a new round of Equity for Punks we offer a different perk structure than the previous raise. That way, people like you who invest in multiple rounds can receive new and exciting stuff, rather than BrewDog promising the same thing each time!

Additionally, the SEC requires all investors are treated equally during each raise, which means counting your previous shares would violate that rule. To avoid being on the wrong side of the law, any perks above the $50 level are offered only toward investment during this round of Equity for Punks.

What does backup withholding mean?

Backup withholding is a tax levied on investment income as an investor withdraws it. Backup withholding helps agencies such as the IRS to be able to collect income taxes owed to them from investors' earnings. Most likely, if you are subject to backup withholding, you would have been previously notified by the applicable taxing authority.

What does accredited vs. non-accredited investor mean?

Regulation A+ requires us to find out if you are an accredited investor or not, because of some limitations that apply on how much a non-accredited investor may invest. Basically, the law says an individual is an accredited investor  if their income exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and they reasonably expect the same for the current year, or has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence). If you want to play lawyer and read the legalese yourself, you can find the SEC’s definition here!

Why do we need to know your net worth?

We have to ask this question to be sure we comply with Regulation A+ which says that if you are a non-accredited investor, the amount you can invest is limited to no more than 10% of the greater of your annual income or net worth. But don't worry, when you fill in the forms, we do the math for you! Just throw your annual income and a rough calculation of your net worth (that is, the total value of eeeeeverything you own) where the form requests it.

How is Equity for Punks regulated?

BrewDog's Equity for Punks USA offer is being made under “Regulation A+” which is Title IV of the JOBS Act. Our offering had to be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and qualified by them before we could offer any shares for sale. Equity for Punks USA is regulated by federal and state securities laws. The legal work in preparing the offering circular and the offering itself was carried out by attorney Kendall Almerico and his law firm DiMuroGinsberg. The audit of BrewDog USA Inc.'s financial records was carried out by Ernst & Young, and these records are the basis for the financial information contained in the offering circular.

I have another question – who can I talk to?

We’re here to answer all your questions – specifically about Equity for Punks USA (but if you need advice on your new hair cut or what you should get for lunch, we can offer an opinion too!) All you need to do is sling an email to equitypunksusa@brewdog.com

How do I give a gift of shares?

Gifting shares in Equity for Punks is super simple and you can do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Head to www.equityforpunksusa.com, apply for shares using the form provided and make sure you hit ‘Yes!’ under ‘Is this a gift?’.
  • Once your shares have been issued (usually around 4 weeks) you’ll receive two emails; one which confirms the shares have been issued in your name, and one with a voucher code to give to your pal!
  • Your pal then just needs to head to www.equityforpunksusa.com, hit REDEEM MY GIFT, and fill out the form with their details to kick off the process of transferring the shares into their name! Once this happens, you’ll both get a confirmation and your pal will become part of our awesome investor community!

Please note you will need to make a separate purchase for each gift, as each transaction only produces one voucher code! So if you're gifting for your three besties, three applications would need to be submitted!

How do I claim my gifted shares?

Gifted shares have to be purchased and issued into the gifter’s name before they can be transferred to their awesome giftee (you!). Once the shares are issued, your gifter will send you a voucher code, which you can use online to kick off the transfer of the shares into your name!

To claim your shares:

  • Head to www.equityforpunksusa.com, hit REDEEM MY GIFT and fill out your deets.
  • These will be sent from BrewDog to KoreConX, our transfer agent, who will move the shares into your name.
  • You'll receive a confirmation e-mail with info on your BrewDog account, access to our shareholder Forum, and how to claim your benefits!