Hey {{giftee.forename}} {{giftee.surname}},

Congratulations! {{application.forename}} {{application.surname}} must really think you're awesome, they have purchased {{application.number_of_shares}} BrewDog shares in your name for Christmas - lucky you!

You will soon receive an email about claiming your Brewdog.com account and other awesome beery benefits. We suggest thanking {{application.forename}} by taking them to a BrewDog bar to toast your investment with your new discount.

On behalf of everyone at BrewDog we are delighted to have you join the team!


Your shares have been allotted in your name and your shareholder number is as follows:


PLEASE NOTE if you have invested more than once in any round of Equity for Punks and used the same email address, your shareholdings have been consolidated on both BrewDog.com and your Investor Centre account.


You will be able to access your shareholder certificate in the next few days and you can already change your details by registering on the Investor Centre here. To register, you will need your Shareholder Reference Number (at the top of this email) and the postcode for the address linked to your shareholding, or alternatively, your resident country if you applied with an address outside of the UK.

All shareholder certificates are issued electronically and stored on the Investor Centre, so please ensure you login to access yours. This will be uploaded in the next few days. Please also use the Investor Centre to manage your shareholding and keep your postal and email address up to date.


Start claiming your Equity Punk benefits right away! An account was set up for you on BrewDog.com, and a password has been emailed to you separately. If you already had an account, your details will have been synced. Your discount will appear on your account and automatically be applied when you use the BrewDog online shop.

You can also apply for your very own personalised Equity Punk ID card through your BrewDog.com account and it will wing its way to you within the next 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, print out the card below, show it to our friendly bar staff in any BrewDog bar, and claim your discount! Be sure to tweet us @brewdog with a snap of you toasting your new investment, in a BrewDog bar, which you now own a part of!