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Now overfunding!


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You can find the latest live updates from Equity for Punks below. 

Referral champions

When you invest in Equity for Punks, you receive a unique referral code. 

Then, when your friends invest, they’ll have the chance to add that code to the relevant field and rack up extra rewards for you! It’ll autofill when your pals invest so it couldn’t be simpler!



5 Referrals

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You will receive three cans of Radio Zombie Phone In, a Russian Imperial Stout brewed in Columbus, Ohio! You’ll also get your paws on a signed, hard-copy of DIY Dog 2018 – the latest release of our homebrew bible featuring scaled-down recipes of every beer we have ever made.

10 Referrals

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All of the above, plus an exclusive, barrel aged release of Radio Zombie Phone In, made in Columbus, Ohio! You’ll also get an Equity for Punks swag bag with a limited release enamel pin set, bar blade and beanie!

20 Referrals

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All of the above, plus six Equity for Punks Teku glasses to raise a glass to the craft beer revolution, a much sought-after BrewDog tin sign, a bottle of Uncle Dukes Whisky, AND a bottle of Paradox Uncle Duke’s

40 Referrals

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All of the above, plus an exclusive invite to an awesome DogDay at our brewery in Ellon! You’ll get an all-expenses-paid trip up to visit us and brew an exclusive, special edition beer. There’ll also be a VIP tour, tasting session and dinner and Q&A with our directors!

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Number of Investors

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  • 100 - 499
  • 500 - 999
  • 1,000+


The top 20 people referring new investors to Equity for Punks V will win a 3 day trip to Berlin to brew with us, brewing on our amazing brew kit, as well as a beer dinner at Stone Berlin.

Position Name Country # referrals

New Equity Punk League table referral points count from 19th January 9:00am.

Referral of the week

The top 3 referrers each week will get their paws on an extremely limited edition barrel-aged beer.

Position Name Country # referrals
1st WARREN MOORES United Kingdom 7
2nd Hazel Macleod United Kingdom 6
3rd henry leboyer United Kingdom 4
4th Dan Bacon United Kingdom 4
5th Ian MacKenzie United Kingdom 3
6th Kristopher OSullivan United Kingdom 3
7th Eleanor Bainbridge United Kingdom 3
8th Christopher Sharp United Kingdom 2
9th Dick Nolte Netherlands 2
10th Gillian Charters United Kingdom 2

#1 each week will get 3 x bottles,
#2 each week will get 2 x bottles and
#3 each week will get 1 x bottle.

Congratulations to this week's winners and who have bagged themselves this coveted beer!

Position Name Country # referrals
1st Brian McCarthy United Kingdom 3
2nd Steven Cartwright United Kingdom 3
3rd Johan Lorentzon Sweden 2

If there are a number of people on the same number of referrals at the end of a week, the prizes will be awarded to those who reach the top three spots first. This means that, for example, if Person A had 10 referrals, Person B had 8 referrals, Persons C, D & E all had 7 referrals - the person out of C, D and E who reached 7 first would get third prize.

Referral league table

The Top Ten referrers in Equity for Punks V will win a trip to Columbus, a day brewing on our amazing pilot kit at our Ohio Brew HQ, tours at 5 of Columbus’ best craft breweries, and tickets to a Blue Jackets NHL ice hockey game.

Position Name Country # referrals
1st Robert Turnbull United Kingdom 126
2nd Ian Moss United Kingdom 105
3rd Kevin English United Kingdom 102
4th Samuel Elkin United Kingdom 96
5th Daniel Scholes United Kingdom 95
6th richard van eckendonk Netherlands 95
7th Stephen Phillips United Kingdom 93
8th Michel Klein Netherlands 90
9th Ana Flavia Menezes United Kingdom 88
10th Alan Manley United Kingdom 86
11th Dan Ackroyd United Kingdom 83
12th Douglas Stevenson United Kingdom 82
13th WARREN MOORES United Kingdom 55
14th Simon Pratt United Kingdom 52
15th Julian Tavora United Kingdom 51
16th David Lee United Kingdom 45
17th Alan Mochrie United Kingdom 45
18th Jason Robert Wemyss United Kingdom 44
19th Manuel Boix Chornet United Kingdom 44
20th Vegar Kristiansen Vaag Norway 43