A Brief Lesson on the Growler

Who knew there was so much to know

A Brief Lesson on the Growler

You probably know at this point that a growler is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite keg-fresh craft beer when you’re not keen to stay at the brewery or bar. And really, what could be better than putting your feet up at the end of a long day and enjoying a nice, cold draft Punk from the comfort of your couch? But – did you know the growler actually has a fairly long history? And better yet, BrewDog has several varieties of growlers to fulfill any craft draft fancy.


The origins of the growler can be traced back to America at the turn of the 20th century, when stories suggest families used to frequent their local bar with a metal pail or bucket to fill with beer for meals. These leaky, improperly sealed buckets would create a bubbling froth which would spew out the gaps and the escaping CO2 would make a ‘growling’ noise – thus the name growler came to be. Once prohibition hit, brewing went underground and the use of the growler went under with it. Fast forward 50 years and the growlers made a comeback. Since the 1980’s, growlers have been growing in popularity, and with that growth has come improvements in delivery method as well as technology to provide the highest quality beer that stays fresher, longer.

Growler Filling Station

Growler Filling Station

This station, which is located at the merch bar in DogTap Columbus, is where the growler magic happens. This massive metal machine is the ideal method for filling a growler as it reduces the amount of oxygen that is added into the bottle as it’s being filled. This helps prevent your beer from becoming oxidized, so your beer stays fresher for longer. For the best quality beer, you should drink within 7-10 days of filling.

Glass 32 ounce growler

Glass Growlers 

The most traditional of all growler options, glass growlers are the jugs you are likely most familiar with as they are very popular and widely offered. Available at BrewDog in two sizes – either a 32 oz. with detachable swing top or a 64 oz. screw top jug – these containers feature a dark color to limit exposure to the sun and keep your precious cargo fresh. They make a great collectible as most breweries sell these them so you can take home two treats – the beer to enjoy, and the growler to display.

Insulated Liberty Growler

Metal Growlers

Alternative materials are growing in popularity for growlers – metals such as stainless steel or aluminum or ceramic growlers can all be found and each have their own benefits and drawbacks. The BrewDog 32 oz. Liberty growler is insulated and made from reclaimed & recycled aluminum with a screw top lid. They also double as a great water bottle in between beers.

Crowlers stack


Crowlers – or Can Growlers – are newer to the market, but are quickly becoming popular. These 32 oz. aluminum cans are used as a receptacle to transport craft beer from a bar or brewery, just like a growler. However, unlike some issues that growlers experience, crowlers have a tight seal so your beer is less likely to spill and the aluminum won’t allow air or sunlight in to breakdown the beer. Cans are also more resilient than glass, and are one-time use so you don’t have to worry about clean up.

Have you grabbed yourself a growler fill from DogTap yet?

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