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If you’ve recently finished your studies, have a burning passion for amazing craft beer, and are looking for a challenge, then this could be the most important blog post that you’ll ever read.

Over the next month, we are once again on the hunt for two extraordinary candidates to join our Ellon HQ team as part of the 2015 BrewDog Graduate Scheme!

As you might expect, our way of running a system such as this is slightly different to the white-collar Graduate Schemes that you may have read about in the back-pages of recruitment journals. We are after a protégé for each of our two co-founders, so the successful graduates will have to be as determined and adaptable as James and Martin are, as they guide BrewDog forward as a company.

That means the BrewDog Graduate Scheme is for someone who is capable, single-minded, and able to think on their feet at a moment’s notice (although we will find you a desk, of course). To be successful, you will have to possess a unique skill-set, but also be easy to work with and keen to learn. Oh, and absolutely love craft beer, of course!

This is now the fourth year that we have run the scheme, and it has unearthed some incredible talents who are really shaping the future of BrewDog. From our Brewing Engineer and Pilot Kit supremo Nick Zeigler to Zarah Prior, who arrived at BrewDog as James’ protégé and is now head of our People Team.

Our two most recent additions via the Graduate Scheme are Marissa Urbank and Becky Rothwell. Marissa hails from sunny California and is our Projects Assistant, managing every kind of epic scheme from our new website to beer popcorn. Becky hails from even sunnier Manchester and went straight into it as our Equity Punk Liaison. No two days are the same for either of them!

To follow their hugely capable footsteps, you need to be a recent graduate (recent as in within the last two or three years), have an insatiable desire to work with us to spread the word about amazing craft beer, and then submit an application as per the details below. We welcome applicants from overseas, but you must have the right to live and work in the UK!

Applications are due in by Friday the 5th of June. Shortlisted candidates will be brought to Aberdeen for a mega group interview, where we’ll be putting you through your paces to determine who gets permission to board.

To apply to be James' protégé for a year, you need to:

Send an email to breweryjobs(@)brewdog(.)com with "Graduate Scheme - James" in the title and your CV attached.

We're also asking for a five-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation, with:

1) Your 3 favourite brands (not BrewDog) and why.

2) A new beer concept, name and launch plan.

3) An idea on how to further engage our Equity Punk investor community.

4) A great location for a future BrewDog bar. And why.

5) A random idea (from you) that will help us grow our business.

To apply to be Martin's protégé for a year, you need to:

Send an email to breweryjobs(@)brewdog(.)com with "Graduate Scheme - Martin" in the title and your CV attached. Scientific, engineering or brewing grads are especially welcome!

We're also asking for a five-slide PowerPoint or PDF presentation, with:

1) Your 3 favourite hops. And why.

2) 3 things to pair beer with.

3) A recipe for a new beer you think BrewDog is missing from its range.

4) An idea for a new Abstrakt beer.

5) A random idea (from you) that will help us grow our business.

The deadline for submissions is 05/06/2015. Good luck!

Senior Brewers/Brewing Shift Managers Wanted

Away from the Graduate Scheme, but still in the world of working for BrewDog, we also have a hugely exciting role that we are eager to fill – that of Senior Brewer/Brewing Shift Manager. If you have a minimum of a year’s experience in a brewery supervisory position and would jump at the chance to work closely with our head brewer and production manager, then click on this link to apply.

Our Senior Brewers run small teams of brewers on each shift, overseeing all aspects of the brewhouse operation, from new product design and development, through the brewing process, to liaising with our staff in the packaging team as the finished article makes its way onward to our customers.

For them, beer isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. And if you have that same passion, plus the required experience, we would love to have you join the team here at BrewDog and develop both your career and our state of the art brewery.

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at

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Comments (13)

Jack Blesson 17.05.2015 @ 3:03pm
I'm currently studying a 4 year Bussines studies degree and my third year (2016/2017) is a placement year within a company. Is your graduation scheme just avaible for people who have finished university or will you consider someone for a placement year? Thanks
anonymous 08.05.2015 @ 11:44pm
Would love to get back into field sales/marketing/compliance. Not sure Brewdog is down that avenue yet?
Yuri 08.05.2015 @ 12:04am
I'll be graduating as a Bioengineer within two years. I hope to apply by then, so keep this up please!
Toby 07.05.2015 @ 4:17pm
If you defend your master thesis in brewing science this august, and thereby graduate, are you still able to apply? Or do you have to have it this very moment?
Elliot 07.05.2015 @ 2:36pm
I work at the brewdog in Newcastle at the moment, and was planning to continue that next year. However this opportunity does sound fascinating. I've just finished my dissertation on the rise of the industrialisation of beer in Europe, and my interest has considerably grown.
BrewDog Rich 06.05.2015 @ 10:57am
Dom - Five slides, five questions - one slide per question, please!
Dom 05.05.2015 @ 8:31pm
For the presentation - should i choose one topic and do the 5 pages on it or should i do all 5 topics each on one site ?
BrewDog Dawn 05.05.2015 @ 2:00pm
Doc - yes please can you send your presentation with your CV
Doc 05.05.2015 @ 1:53pm
Just checking - do you want the presentation sent with the CV or is that for doing at the interview day if chosen?
BrewDog Rich 05.05.2015 @ 12:35pm
Bilbo - No, not at all - although if it's related to brewing, science, marketing, sales etc that would be great. But if it's something left-field, that's not necessarily a negative!
Bilbo 05.05.2015 @ 12:12pm
Does it matter what subject I graduated in?
Evan_D 05.05.2015 @ 12:12pm
Woohoo! Sign me up :D
Marnie 05.05.2015 @ 11:56am
Great idea - I would have jumped at this five years ago!