Running down the epic beers to come...


Not even two weeks into 2018, and it’s already shaping up to be a massive year on Planet BrewDog.

As we hit the ground running launching our beer into the market last summer, 2017 saw some big accomplishments and changes happen. We won our first US-based medal at the Great American Beer Festival, for our grapefruit and blood orange-infused IPA, Elvis Juice. We also said goodbye to our West Coast inspired Dead Pony Club session pale ale.

Now – onwards & upwards. We’ve got loads of exciting new beers in the pipeline for 2018, and with our beer calendar pretty much good to go, we figured we ought to start discussing some of the exciting new changes!

So here it is, in black and white.

Punk IPA
Elvis Juice
Jet Black Heart
Hazy Jane

Our Headliners are locked and loaded and we are psyched to unleash Jet Black Heart cans into the wild very soon. Kicking things off, you’ll notice Punk, Elvis Juice, and Jet Black Heart have kept their spots as pack leaders, but with the death of Dead Pony Club, we needed to round off the list with another favorite. Cue Hazy Jane - our 7.2% unfiltered East Coast IPA, packed with intense pine and stone fruit peaks, lime zest and resinous notes – all rounded by low background bitterness.

Juggernaut (DIPA)
Jack Hammer

For those of you keen on the heavy hitting beers, our 2018 Amplified range is the one to look out for. All sitting over 6% ABV, these beers are more intense in their depth and strength. Here you'll find Juggernaut DIPA and Jack Hammer IPA, as well as Dogma – a Scotch ale brewed with ten different types of malt and Scottish heather honey – to name just a few! These will make regular appearances but won't be permanent like our Headliners.

5AM Saint
Freak State
Albino Squid Assassin
Five N Dime

We’ll also be introducing a fair few Limited brews. 5AM Saint is coming back and we’re introducing a Black IPA we’re calling Freak State. We’re excited to be bringing another UK recipe over in the form of Albino Squid Assassin. This multi-armed monster from the deep is a Red Rye IPA, bristling with layers of depth from a fusillade of kettle and dry hopping.

Not stopping there, we'll be introducing Five N Dime, an American wheat ale with fruit. As we lock in the details, we want to know - which fruit would you like to see in this brew?

Beers for Geeks
Clockwork Tangerine
Radio Zombie Phone-In

Buckle up beer geeks, because this is your year for beer. We’ve got plans for loads of exciting beers, but we’ll let you digest these two first.

First up, a UK Prototype Challenge champion- the session-strength citrus IPA, Clockwork Tangerine will be howling its way into the world later this year, just after a Russian Imperial Stout by the name of Radio Zombie Phone-In hits your palate. It’s possible this one might even hit some of those barrels we’ve got in the warehouse…

Any thoughts on our 2018 beer range? Let us know below in the comments!

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Comments (6)

Jayne T 02.02.2018 @ 12:06am
Looking forward to the Radio Zombie Phone-In. When will it be out? I need lead time to plan another trip to Columbus ;)
Cory Smith 29.01.2018 @ 12:08am
You should bring back your Hardcore DIPA. Haven’t been able to find it since the brewery was announced. ????
Delboy 23.01.2018 @ 8:28pm
I’m in a world of beer bar in Orlando FL with a great choice of IPA. Not a sign of Brewdog anywhere!!
anonymous 20.01.2018 @ 5:09pm
When are we going to see Tokyo* and and Tactial Nuclear Penguin in the states?
Austin W. 20.01.2018 @ 2:26pm
Five N the name...add apples and oranges?
Jim J. 11.01.2018 @ 12:44am
I foresee many many trips down Route 33!
Keep ‘em coming!