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As we approach the first anniversary of DogTap’s opening, we’ve already made loads of awesome changes to our flagship bar. From adding 3 bars in the merch, mezzanine, and patio spaces, to building a dog park, we’ve now also said goodbye to the bleachers and given the area a cozy facelift!

In the previous iteration of the path between our merch space and the keg wall, you would have seen bleachers which were designed to be a casual spot to chat with your pals, or to sit while waiting for your table in the taproom.

While the bleachers served their purpose, we ultimately wanted to create a more welcoming and efficient use of the space – something that would make you feel right at home as you were drinking a Punk IPA.

Cut to the Living Room, the cozy redesign that’s since replaced the bleachers. Here you’ll find beery books and magazines in the three different nooks that are furnished with lush velvet and leather couches to relax in.

With the merch bar just steps away, you never have to go far to grab you and your mates another round.

There’s no time like the present to grab yourself a beer and relax, so if you’re looking to escape the inclement weather for a few hours, make a trip down to DogTap and grab a seat in the Living Room!

What do you think of the new living room space?

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Lydia 24.01.2018 @ 11:18pm
Wow the new area looks great. I just created a BrewDog dinner/drinks gift certificate for a friends birthday so we will be down soon.