Beer is art. Art is also art.


Graffiti is a distinct element of our personality and brand at BrewDog. If you’ve ever visited one of our bars or breweries, you’ll have likely seen a mural of some sort.
With our resident vandal Fisher traveling all over the world, he’s been transforming bland white walls into epic murals of everything from weird sea creatures, to splattering our charter on the walls, all the while making our offices and bars feel more like home.

Back in 2012, when he was the GM of our flagship BrewDog Aberdeen bar, Fisher’s talents were recognized by the team, where he was soon tasked with decorating every blank, boring surface on site.
With the underwater theme a rough inspiration as a nod to James’ seafaring days, Fisher’s spray-painted creatures would eventually become recurring characters in murals to come – just as they’ve now docked ship in America.

The first mural done at BrewDog Columbus was the largest one Fisher had done at the time. Over the course of 12 days, he took on over 2000 square feet to produce the shark wall.
A year on from his first mural at the Ohio brewery, Fisher’s decked our space out with some awesome artwork. From the offices, to the brewhouse, to the grain silo…

He even gave DogTap Columbus some love with a few of their own pieces, such as a map pinpointing where you can find BrewDog bars all over the world, a squid (who's probably definitely related to the grain silo squid in some way), and their own aquatic scene on the patio that harkens back to painting the Ellon brewery just 5 short years ago!

From sea to shining sea, you can easily spot BrewDog by our signature graffiti. Our beer doesn't mold to the status quo, and our artwork has never done that either. Countless spray paint cans later, this is vandalism at its finest. 


What do you think Fisher should paint next?

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