Have passport, will travel (to BrewDog Bars)


From the day we opened our second BrewDog Bar (back in March 2011) we loved the fact that people travelled between them, checking out the differences over a beer or two. Now that we have around fifty bars from Edinburgh to São Paulo, we figured it was time to make that journeying official. So from today we are introducing the BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa!

Get a stamp at any of our bars around the world and score rewards…

We know there are many apps and websites where you can log your progress around Planet BrewDog – but sometimes it’s good to have a physical reminder of your bar-based prowess, nestling proudly in your back pocket. Whether you are an avid BrewDog Bar hopper, international traveller or just someone who likes to keep track of where they have been, the Visa will soon be your best friend.

The BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa is free – and you can sign up for it here!

Every one of our bars from Soho to Tokyo will have their own personalised bar stamp; your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to collect as many as you can. For some, the satisfaction of stamping another bar off your list will be all the reward you need. However we have grouped our bars into a series of five challenges to complete on your bar hopping journeys – strike them off and claim a prize!

The five challenges are:

HOMEDOG – Visit all the Aberdeen and Ellon BrewDog bars
BIG SMOKE – Visit all London BrewDog bars
FLYING SCOTSMAN – Visit all the Scottish BrewDog bars
MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN – Visit all the English BrewDog bars
THIS IS 40 - Visit any 40 BrewDog bars

Some of the rewards for acing these challenges will be redeemable in our bars, others online. So we have gone all futuristic and made the Visa fully biometric. Each one comes with a swipecard that should be used by our crew when you get your Visa stamped (Equity Punks, your ID Card can double as this) – that way you can link the Visa to your account on BrewDog.com and claim those online rewards.

You can check out all the details and sign up for your free BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa right here – the only other thing you need do is dig out that map and backpack, sort a sturdy pair of shoes and get plotting the route you are going to take between our bars! Happy travels!

Who’s going to be #First2Forty?

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Comments (19)

Richard L 10.03.2018 @ 12:07pm
Great idea, it’s just a shame that I’ve been to a lot of Brewdogs overseas and the possibilities of me going back are slim!
anonymous 03.03.2018 @ 9:52pm
Brewdog Rich,
Hurrah, if it wasn’t for this bastard snow I could be racking up my visits.....
BrewDog Rich 28.02.2018 @ 9:32am
Angus - All the stamps are different but I agree a coat of arms would be pretty cool

Nick - The passports are starting to be dispatched this week, visits will be registered on your account when your Equity Punk ID card is swiped at the till (if you are a shareholder) or when the card that comes with the visa is swiped (if not an EFP). Official launch date is, well right now I guess!

MartinC - The rewards are linked to your account on brewdog.com not untappd. Sorry!
Angus B 27.02.2018 @ 3:03pm
Like others I had already started doing this for fun anyway - but happy to start again! Reminds me of the Football club badges I collected in the 70`s with display poster! Each bar should have a coat of arms with motto!
Bill @ Little Tam 25.02.2018 @ 10:27pm
Do I have to wear sturdy shoes or can my wife drive me (home) and enjoy a diet Fritz Cola while enjoying the great ambiance of her surroundings ????????

And how many EFPs actually suggested the Paw print as I called it - I certainly did through the EFP survey!
Nick B 25.02.2018 @ 8:10pm
Obviously excited about this to the point of moistness. Couple of questions...
1) when will the passports start hitting the doormats
2) when (and how) will our visits be registered on our account
3) what is the official launch date?

Again, really looking forward to getting stuck into this......
anonymous 24.02.2018 @ 12:51am
Hubby and I have talked about this for months. So pleased we will now have a record of our visits. Gutted it wasn't last year though as we were across the pond visiting New York and made a special 2 day trip to Columbus with the sole purpose of visiting Brewdog USA (absolutely amazing BTW). Do you think they could post us a sticker lol????????
MartinC 23.02.2018 @ 12:59pm
Do my Untappd check-in's (with photographic evidence) count or do I have to travel far and wide again?
Matt 22.02.2018 @ 9:53pm
This fits perfectly with the geekiness of Brewdog fans. Fair play to the sales/marketing person who came up with this one
MAUREEN M 22.02.2018 @ 9:16pm
Fantastic idea from a regular customer Mo at Dogtap have already visited all Scottish bars but will have to do again and enjoy all the mighty fine tasty beers to get a stamp, however we’re off to craft beer rising this weekend in London hoping to visit all brewdog bars as well but we will not have the visa book to be stamped if we get our equity for punks cards swiped will this still count?
Colin L 22.02.2018 @ 8:11pm
What about those of us who have already been collecting visits and would have earned badges if they had been available earlier?
Karl H 22.02.2018 @ 1:39pm
This is a great idea! Heading straight to our cozy Tallinn bar the moment the visa arrives, the other are a bit of a challenge from around here..
Now all I need to do is convince my wife and my three-month-old that we need to go camping in the UK in the summer.
Jim A 22.02.2018 @ 1:19pm
If this could be incorporated into the Brewdog App then even better.

You could scan a QR code available at that bar for example?

That way you could easily include new bars when they open in future. Plus you don't have to worry about forgetting the actual booklet when you visit on the off chance etc etc.
BrewDog Rich 22.02.2018 @ 12:35pm
Graeme - That's a great idea. I was in the Cubs and only ever got four badges though (inc. the one everyone gets)

BrewDog Pete H - Good to see you've finally joined the team ;)
Lynne 22.02.2018 @ 12:34pm
I remember sitting in BrewDog Bologna emailing James about starting a reward scheme for most visited bars. Looking forward to revisiting all 35 I've already been in, & the new ones that have opened since.
Graeme 22.02.2018 @ 12:17pm
Love it...must get one. How about wee badges for each bar, to sew onto your BrewDog hoodie, in a "BarScout" scouty sort of way?
Brewdog Pete H 22.02.2018 @ 12:15pm
Nice idea. I knew I should have suggested it before someone else did.
So far I've been to 12 UK Brewdog bars and Warsaw bar (when it was briefly open), but all I've got to show for it is a depleted bank balance and some photos.
Start again ......
Maxwell 22.02.2018 @ 11:21am
Dang I went to like three London bars last week! Ah well
Jeffers 22.02.2018 @ 11:00am
Neat idea. Maybe get a badge for an online shop purchase too?