Jet Black Heart Cans Have Arrived

Nitro Cans Coming At You

Jet Black Heart Cans Have Arrived

Our headliner Oatmeal Milk Stout, Jet Black Heart, is being released in cans from today. While many of you may already have tried this smooth operator on draft, the nitro cans are worth shouting about, as you can now blacken your soul with this deep, dark stout from the comfort of your own couch.

Jet Black Heart in a glass

This smooth and roasty oatmeal milk stout won our 2015 Prototype Challenge, polling no less than 40% of the overall vote, at any stage. Due to its overwhelming popularity in the UK, this lower ABV, super smooth was exactly what we were looking for in a dark beer to round out our US Headliner range. A range of eight different malts have been unleashed in its creation, leading to a level of complexity seldom seen in other stouts.

Roasty coffee and chocolate lead to a decadent, full-bodied richness of near uncharted depths with a velvet mouthfeel from the addition of oatmeal and a touch of wheat. Complimenting the velvety mouthfeel at every turn is the Magnum and Sorachi Ace hops, with the latter bringing an intensity of smooth vanilla and dark berry fruit on the long, rewarding finish.

Jet Black Heart Can Wall

Jet Black Heart, as a true people’s champion, is now available as a nitro draft and in cans. The Nitro dispense method elevates the richness and the mouthfeel of a stout to a whole new level; the smaller tighter bubbles of gas rising slowly yielding a creamy head and an utterly smooth experience. If you thought you had tasted canned Nitro stout before – good things come to those who…well, you know the rest.

While they are just rolling out, you should see these packages in your locals stores soon. Once you get a chance to snag a six-pack, let us know how it holds up against other nitro’s you’ve had.

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