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Well, that’s your lot! We've had quite a few days here at BrewDog enjoying the fruits of #MashTag week – and when it came to yesterday’s final vote pertaining to the beer, that is something of a literal statement. With thousands of votes cast across multiple platforms, and plenty of discussion generated whilst we went along, we can reveal the breakdown of the voting as to the twist for 2016’s crowd-sourced brew, #MashTag.

#MashTag 2016 Twist:

Oak Chips & Sour Cherries – 41%
Rye in the mash and rye aged – 21%
Fermented with Belgian yeast – 20%
Cascara and 'Cold Brew' Coffee - 18%

So there you go. Each day since Monday we have asked you to collectively decide on an aspect of the beermaking process – and you certainly didn’t let us down. There’s one final vote to come (see below), but here’s a pictorial re-cap of how the voting process played itself out…

Monday: Beer Style – IPA

Tuesday: Malt Bill & ABV – 10.5% Triple IPA with Pale Malt

Wednesday: Hops & IBU – 100 IBU and Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo

Thursday: Aged on oak chips and sour cherries

So with the beer down, there’s only one more thing to take care of – the label that will fit around the bottle. And as befits #MashTag week, it’s over to you to design it, and then later you’ll all be able to vote on it as well! The label can feature anything you like – it can represent the ingredients, BrewDog, craft beer, or be totally abstract. It’s entirely up to the budding artists out there (check out the image of previous winners for inspiration!)

We welcome submissions for #MashTag label art from all-comers, you don’t need to be a professional designer to take part. As long as you can put ideas to paper (virtual or analogue) then we’d love to hear from you. Our labels are 177mm wide by 87mm high, so where possible please submit your initial entry as a jpeg, 1240 x 610 pixels at 100dpi. Keep a vector/high-res version, as we’ll need to print at full size and in CMYK colour!

If you are scribbling on a piece of paper with that aforementioned pencil, be sure and hang on to that hard copy, as we may need to scan at a higher resolution for the final label artwork that we send to the printers (but don’t worry, we’ll work with the winner at this stage of the process). The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 10th April. Send your entries via one of the following means:

- Email it to rich(@)brewdog(.)com (9MB file size limit),
- Tweet them to us @BrewDog (include #MashTagLabel in the tweet)
- Send them as a message on Facebook
- Invent a time machine and win last year’s competition

Once the April deadline is reached, we’ll cast our eyes over the entries and assemble a shortlist of the most epic attempts, before asking you to head to the polling booths one last time to choose the official label art of #MashTag 2016’s 10.5% Tripel IPA with oak chips and sour cherries. The lucky winner will receive a mixed case of BrewDog goodies when the announcement is made, plus a dozen bottles of the final beer when released – and the adulation of their peers!

So that’s #MashTag for 2016. Thanks for taking part in the voting everyone, and get those artistic thinking caps on!

You can find out more about investing in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks

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Comments (5)

anonymous 25.03.2016 @ 12:52pm
0/4 for me. Next year. . .
Max 25.03.2016 @ 12:30pm
IT's going to be interesting to see how the cherries come out on this beer - it could be really interesting!
Antifruit 25.03.2016 @ 11:50am

Marshall 25.03.2016 @ 11:23am
Well I got 3/4 of my votes done, so that's not too bad (I was on team rye)
Eddie 25.03.2016 @ 11:12am
Cherries. It had to be cherries