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We’re now into the second half of this fourth annual #MashTag week, and once again we have the genesis of a pretty amazing-sounding beer! So the next thing to do is make that sound reverberate even louder by adding a typically BrewDog twist – scroll down to take a look and vote on today’s options – but before we get into that, let’s see what topped yesterday’s Hops and IBU poll!

#MashTag 2016 Hops and IBU:

100 IBU Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo – 41%

90 IBU Mash/First Wort Hopped – 25%

85 IBU Single Hop Amarillo – 17%

75 IBU English Hops – 17%

So the people have spoken. Our 10.5% Triple IPA will be pushed to the max of the bitterness scale and with a payload of assertive, resinous and citrusy hops. Sounds like a winner! But there is more to be decided upon, and if you’re not sure what we’ve been going on about – here is the #MashTag minutiae!

All posts this week have listed four potentials for you to choose from across every aspect of brewing a beer – from the initial malt bill to the final label (which will be coming up soon). It’s entirely up to you and your fellow beer-drinking BrewDog fans how the beer develops. Votes can be cast on the blog using the poll below or by leaving a comment, and via our Facebook page a poll on our Twitter Feed, and also via Instagram.

And all of that, to date, has resulted in this:-

Monday: Beer Style – IPA.

Tuesday: Malt Bill & ABV – 10.5% Triple IPA.

Wednesday: Hops & IBU – 100 IBU Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo.

Thursday: Special Twist

Friday: Label

Voting will be open until 7pm today, but longer tomorrow (as the artwork magic commences, to a longer deadline). We’ll tally up all of the votes across the different platforms throughout the night and tomorrow will reveal in what direction the beer is heading. And today is arguably the greatest chance to take the road less travelled, as we well and truly mix things up!

Day Four: The Twist

Here are four potential ways to stamp individuality on #MashTag 2016…

Belgian yeast

The first option is to switch up the entire feel of the IPA by adding a twist to the fermentation stage. With a continental yeast deputising for our regular ale yeast, the beer would be free to head for an entirely different direction. The high levels of banana-like esters and clovey phenols would complement the citrus from the hopload, as well as the warmth from the 10.5% alcohol level. In essence, pitching Belgian yeast could transform a Triple IPA into a Tripel IPA.

Brewed with rye and aged on rye staves

On the other hand, we could leave the fermentation alone and instead dual-wield a twist around a very particular grain. When rye is added to the mall bill of a beer, it brings a characteristic spiciness to the final offering and offers a drier component to the final mix – which would again be an interesting interplay with our 100 IBU, highly hopped IPA. But as this is #MashTag, we could go further and age the 10.5% beer on rye barrel staves adding yet more peppery spice.

Cascara & ‘Cold Brew’ Coffee

Next up, we could embrace one of the trends of the moment and go for a Cold Brew coffee feel. Adding Cascara to the brew (the outer husks of the coffee bean) will give a tart, dark berry fruitiness to our Triple IPA, then following that we could add another dimension with whole coffee beans in the fermenter. This more gentle and prolonged process releases flavour compounds that would ordinarily have been lost during the boil – and leave an IPA with nuanced coffee and berry flavour.

Oak Chips & Sour Cherries

With a furious hopload, abv north of 10% and the IBU needle flickering at the top of the scale, the #MashTag 2016 beer is going to be enormously full on. So the final variation could be to round the edges out with the addition of oak chips, whilst providing a hard charging flavour courtesy of sour cherries. With both ingredients added post-fermentation, we can instil a huge amount of woodsy vanilla and tart, bitter fruit – giving a fitting final chapter to our storied Triple IPA.

There you have it – four very different ways we can add layers of flavour to our highly-hopped beast of an IPA. Take a moment to think and then head to the poll below or our social media channels and exercise your democratic right! You’ve got until 7pm tonight to make your voice heard. Then tomorrow we will reveal that final choice and launch the quest to find our label artwork for #MashTag 2016! But that’s for tomorrow. First, we have to do the twist…

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#MashTag 2016 - The Twist!

#MashTag 2016 is approaching the final chapter - but like all good endings, it has a twist!

How would you like to add a touch of individuality to our 10.5% 100IBU Triple IPA?

The vote is now closed - thanks to everyone for taking part!

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Comments (17)

John Allen's Biggest Fan 24.03.2016 @ 4:52pm
Rye, just cos John Allen
Ian Macilwain 24.03.2016 @ 4:20pm
In a week when thoughts are with Belgium using Belgian yeast would seem a nice tribute
Simon 24.03.2016 @ 3:49pm
Where's the 'none of the above' option?
Pete H 24.03.2016 @ 3:45pm
Tough choice.
Either vote for Franz - Belgian yeast or vote for John Allen - Rye.
Hmmm ......
Geoffrey M 24.03.2016 @ 3:38pm
Hopped up, triple shot, IPA-cino for me.
Alison 24.03.2016 @ 3:21pm
Anything but coffee please!!!!
Oliver 24.03.2016 @ 2:46pm
Oak Chips and Sour Cherry Imperial IPA is a massive gap in my beer fridge that i never even knew needed filling. That would truly be the greatest Mashtag so far.
Lewis M 24.03.2016 @ 1:44pm
I'm all about the rye me.
Mark 24.03.2016 @ 12:45pm
Interesting choice - I'd go for coffee as the twist
Nash 24.03.2016 @ 12:42pm
Not really a twist, and Rye would be best
BrewDog Rich 24.03.2016 @ 12:40pm
Thomas - That's why we have a twist! ;)
Thomas 24.03.2016 @ 12:32pm
Kind of a shame, I really like Brewdog's innovation and creativity in beer. 100 IBUs using US hops isn't innovative, it's what everyone is doing now.
anonymous 24.03.2016 @ 12:21pm
Say no to people saying "no to berries in beer"!
Marshall 24.03.2016 @ 12:08pm
Going to go with the rye just to see what a rye plus rye aged IPA would be like. All of the options sound good though
Antifruit 24.03.2016 @ 11:40am
SAY NO to berries in beer!

Nathan90 24.03.2016 @ 11:07am
I knew 100 ibu would win!!
Phil 24.03.2016 @ 11:01am
Coffee IPA - had a few before and they are always interesting