Meet The Team: DogTap edition

Say hello to our taproom team!

Meet The Team: DogTap edition

Since opening in February, we’ve seen thousands of visitors through the doors to check out the incredible beer and food on offer – and it’s showing no signs of slowing down! Our team at DogTap has been a massive key to our success- as a crew that loves what they do often seamlessly translates into the incredible BrewDog experience we strive for. Whether you're speaking with someone who's been with us from Day 1, or joined the Good Ship last week, you're going to find someone that's passionate about what they do. 

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Allow us to introduce you to just a few of the taproom team!

Nai - Bartender

One of our bartenders, Nai is the sunny start to everyone's day, with a friendly hello while she's running around getting DogTap set up in the morning. A self-proclaimed ringleader of bandits, her fun personality behind the bar sees her beloved by staff and customers alike. Nai said of her journey to BrewDog, "A friend had heard BrewDog was hiring and passed the information along. I’m really glad she did, as this was an amazing opportunity. Especially since I got the chance to really step outside of my comfort zone."
Her go-to BrewDog beer is Elvis Juice - talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Kalin - Lead Line Cook

Kalin applied after he and Russ (another one of our bartenders) heard about DogTap hiring when they were at their previous job. Drawn by the people and the atmosphere, he also enjoys the exciting challenge of ensuring that the food quality stands up to the same level as our beers.
While he says free beer is his favorite, he's known to be partial to a pint of Jet Black Heart saying, "I love how smooth it is. I rarely even have to tell our bartenders what I want, they normally have it poured by the time I make it up to the bar."

Rick - Duty Manager

After daily driving past the sign in front of the brewery on his way to work, Rick stopped in to check out what opportunities were available, and was hooked from there! On his favorite part about working for BrewDog he said, "The overall team morale. Everyone here really buys in, both to the beer and to the culture. It’s hard not to smile every time I’m in the building, working with the whole staff going hard in the paint. How can you not love a job that makes you feel that way?"
After a long day, Rick likes to go for a big grapefruit punch in the form of an Elvis Juice!

Chelsea - Server
Chelsea's journey to working for BrewDog started with a friend: "My friend was applying at the time. She had such great things to say about the company the culture, and I was looking to move upwards and onwards from my last job, so it worked out perfectly. Plus, she got a referral bonus when I got hired which is so cool!"
Chelsea ticks the beer (such as her current favorite, Jack Hammer) and the people as her favorite things working for DogTap, and it's not just the guests that come, but also the team. One of the awesome things about BrewDog and DogTap's culture is that they don't just seem friendly, they're actually friends! "There is no separation between our office team, and our taproom team, and even the team we have in the brewery. It really comes through that our company charter says “Without Us, We Are Nothing”. It really shines through, it’s not just words. These people have become my family and I can’t wait to keep growing with this company."

Chris - Lead Bartender
The first bar Chris worked in used to carry BrewDog, and when he had Cocoa Psycho back in 2014 it blew his mind. Since then, he was always looking out for any BrewDog beer he could get his hands on. "When I moved to Ohio and saw that there was about to be an actual BrewDog bar in my backyard, I had to sign on."

Chris' favorite part about working for BrewDog is the crew, saying "The amount of passion for beer that’s in this building.. I’ve never seen anything like that. Plus, there’s so much growth potential. In just a year and a half we’re going from no US locations, to three! The number of opportunities that presents is almost unfathomable."
As a lead bartender (and an avid homebrewer), this man knows his beer - at the moment he says it’s "a toss up between 4 Hands Chocolate Milk stout and Cigar City Guayabera."

At BrewDog, we have a huge focus on two things: our beer and people. DogTap is moving at a lightning fast pace, and is on the search for more passionate people to join the team. Want to work alongside these beery rockstars? Sign up here for our hiring event September 12th!

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Comments (2)

Bob 09.09.2017 @ 12:12am
Nai is always awesome. I bet she has served me 20 times and always with a smile and great conversation.
LUCILLE SENEY 08.09.2017 @ 7:37pm