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The Super Bowl. As American as Clint Eastwood taking pot shots at a Bald Eagle flying off with his apple pie. Every year, well over 100 million people tune in to celebrate sport, nachos, buffalo wings, colossal pizzas and beer. Oh, and commercials. Almost 60% of people watching take their bathroom breaks during the game so as not to miss the adverts (this is a true statistic).

And boy, do the industrial mega brewing conglomerates know this.

A thirty-second advert during the Super Bowl costs around $4.5m. Here at BrewDog, we love the eating (and the sport, even if we don’t quite get it). But $4.5m for #NotBackingDown is obscene. And that’s not even close to the amount of money AB-InBev laid out on Super Bowl 50, with five different commercials over the course of the night.

This wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so committed to cutting costs, squeezing margins and bulking out their beer instead of using more expensive, flavourful ingredients. How can this attitude go hand in hand with millions of dollars sprayed on a few dozen seconds airtime during the Super Bowl?

Craft beer is the answer. Not supersized horses. Tell people what is inside your beer – how a Punk IPA tastes, for instance. That hit of resinous pine and tropical fruit that detonates from our trans-Atlantic fusion IPA. The sharp, bitter finish following the biscuit malt backbone, and coming before warming alcohol and classic India Pale Ale dryness.

What do you want from a brewery, America?

In the US? Get Equity for Punks USA updates at

In Europe? Find out about investing in BrewDog

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Comments (3)

Stix 09.02.2016 @ 3:12pm
No interest in american football or budweiser. Drink great beer, that's all
Mike S 09.02.2016 @ 10:10am
Didn't watch the Superbowl but have seen the adverts. Style over substance as ever with macro brewers - but then they cannot really talk about the flavour of their beer I suppose! haha
Dev 09.02.2016 @ 9:22am
Dont ever back down. Ever! Keep on brewing ;)