Beer TV. Redefined.

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For three seasons we ripped up the airwaves with Brew Dogs, our TV show about craft beer that became the most downloaded show on its network. But as we prepared a fourth season, the suits got involved and cancelled us. We decided there and then to get even by doing something no craft brewery had done before. Start our own TV Network. So we have.

The revolution is now being televised. The BrewDog Network is here.

Head to and start your free trial today!

The BrewDog Network is a new video-on-demand service for the 21st Century. We have over 100 hours of fresh content ready to stream right now, with more coming online all the time. We’ve hooked up with noted fans of craft beer such as the irrepressible William Shatner and Alison Becker from Parks & Recreation on original content spanning beer and spirits, food and travel and everything in between.

- The BrewDog Show - Brew Dogs remade. Bigger, better and as off the beaten track as ever

Are You Smarter Than a Drunk Person? - How does the intellect of an average trivia competitor stack up against a MENSA genius who has had one too many drinks?

Business Punks - BrewDog co-founder James Watt interviews fellow business misfits who have clawed their way to success by breaking all the rules

Craft Beer Adventure Club – A new kind of interview series; the entire show takes place while our host Josh Hindley and a homebrewer-turned-pro brew a new recipe in real time.

Burgers and Beers – Pairing beers with food is a tried and true tradition. We’re flipping the script by starting with the beer, and having Michelin-starred chefs create the perfect burger to go with it.

We have also decided to celebrate this new way of taking to the airwaves by releasing a one-off beer, Small Screen Hero. The twentieth century was marked by the surging craft beer revolution, itself led by a wave of mid-range ABV American Pale Ales. So for this twenty-first century revolution in television we figure a 5% ABV Pale Ale is the perfect waymarker.

The BrewDog Network is a pioneering a new model of subscription video on demand, centred around a passion for craft beer. Available anywhere in the world, you can access The BrewDog Network via the web and a soon to be launched standalone app on iOS and Android. Subscriptions cost $4.99 a month and you gain instant access to over 100 hours of beer, food and travel content.

The BrewDog Network is here. Beer TV. Redefined.

Head to TheBrewDogNetwork to start your free trial today!

You can invest in BrewDog USA Inc. by clicking here

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Comments (2)

Charlie 03.09.2018 @ 2:57pm
Hope you release more episodes of Business for Punks!
Alex 03.09.2018 @ 2:55pm
Reckon I've got through at least 50 hours already! Love it!