Check into the hoppiest place on Earth

Equity for Punks USA is now live! Invest here!

In March last year, we announced we were building the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel, The DogHouse. Located inside our brewery in Columbus, Ohio, the ‘hoppiest place on Earth’ sent the craft beer community wild in anticipation, offering the ultimate immersive experience for beer geeks around the planet.

Fast forward almost 18 months, and the eagerly anticipated craft beer haven is opening its doors.

That’s right, it’s time to check into the DogHouse.

Located at 96 Gender Road, Canal Winchester Ohio the DogHouse Columbus features 32 rooms (including a 460-square-foot Punk suite!) and guests can kick back with a Punk IPA in their room, soaking up view over the brewhouse. Each guest is treated to a minibar packed with hand-picked brews, as well as a beer tap in your room to pour yourself a fresh pint as soon as you run dry.

Not only that, but all rooms are en-suite, and decked out with a built-in shower beer fridge for guests to sample hoppy delights as they scrub up, using hop-infused shampoos and soaps created by local Glenn Avenue Soaps exclusively for The DogHouse.

Reservations to BrewDog’s DogHouse hotel can be made at

Want to bring your furry four-legged pal? No problem! Four of the rooms at the DogHouse are pup-friendly, so you needn’t worry about leaving your best friend at home! You can also hang out with your human (and canine!) pals in the common areas available for guests to relax in, including the hotel media room where beer fans can watch our very own TV show, Brew Dogs, enjoy a game of ping (or beer!) pong, or savor the sights of the brewery from the front patio.

In addition to the ultimate craft beer escape, we’ve also recently unveiled our brand-spanking, on-site, interactive beer museum. This 6,000 sq ft space provides a journey through the brewing process, a deep dive into the history of craft beer, and a hands-on experience of ‘the fundamental four’ ingredients that contribute to the creation of a craft beer. So you can book a stay, and tack on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most exciting tipple.

The DogHouse started off as a pipe dream and was made a reality by the support of our amazing investors through a crowdfunding campaign. It set out to raise $75,000 but due to unprecedented demand, we quadrupled our initial goal meaning we have been able to build out even more amazing features, launching the world’s first and only fully-immersive craft beer hotel located inside a brewery.

All Equity Punk investors also get first access for reservations to The DogHouse, Columbus, as well as a discount on bookings. Our most dedicated investors who’ve selected Club and Boosted Benefits in Equity for Punks USA also bag themselves a free stay!

Equity for Punks USA is now live! Invest in BrewDog here.

We’re so excited to be throwing the doors open to the first ever craft beer hotel, INSIDE a brewery! This couldn’t have been possible without the support of our incredible investor community, so cheers to you!

What are you waiting for, Punk?

Check in to The DogHouse now!

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Comments (2)

Heidi and John 31.08.2018 @ 5:38pm
Just stayed at the hotel last night, it was a fantastic experience! Staff were friendly, breakfast was delicious, and the craft-beer themed rooms were unique and fun. The design and themes of the hotel were well-thought out and excellent.

We joined as Equity investors to enjoy additional benefits. Although we live outside Ohio, this was a fun trip and we had already planned a train trip in Scotland next year, so we may check out their Aberdeen facility as well!
Maxwell 21.08.2018 @ 9:09am
Looks amazing. Open them over here now!