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A couple of weeks ago we brought you all the info on the vital role our Quality team plays in the amazing beers we create. Our focus never wavers, we live and die by what is in your glass - it is that simple. To underline this we recently caught up with our Head of Production, Matt Licklider, to get his perspective from the brewing and packaging point of view.

Who better to explain how his teams work hand in hand with our Quality crew?

“We are responsible for everything required to convert raw materials like malt and hops into amazing beers like Punk IPA," says Matt. "Then we package those beers in different formats to deliver them to our Equity Punks, our bars, and all over the world. So no pressure! As Fraser said, Quality is critical in everything we do. We take great care at each step of the process to ensure quality materials and processes so that every batch of beer is better than the last.”

“We recently started brewing on our new Site 3 Ziemann brewhouse, and it has some great upgrades to help us with this. The malt mill is a six-roller mill which gives us more precise control of the grind so we can maximise extraction from the grain whilst Lautering. And since we can grind faster we can also minimise oxidation compounds – and we’ve also added a foremasher on the mash tun to improve malt hydration; keep water usage at a minimum and reduce waste.”

“The new Site 3 kit includes a grand total of six hop dosers on the wort kettle and two hop dosers for the whirlpool. As their name suggests, these add hops to different stages of the brew at different times – and in exact amounts. Having a total of eight is fantastic, we needed more than our existing brewhouse because we are brewing more beer on Site 3, but the big improvement is that we can dial in precise levels of bitterness, flavour and aroma for our hoppy beers.”

“The unsung workhorse of any great beer is the yeast, and Site 3 has two yeast propagators and four storage tanks to ensure we continue to take great care of our yeast. In fact we have a new yeast handling system to create the perfect environment for yeast growth so we can keep our incredible strains healthy throughout their fermentation cycles. We also have eight shiny new fermentation vessels where the magic really happens – and these tanks help us nail our batch consistency!”

“With that in mind, when you have more than one brewhouse you need to match the flavour profile of the beers brewed across the two sites, and we are working closely with Fraser and the Quality team to focus on this. Our highly-trained sensory panels and cutting edge laboratory kit ensure consistency at every stage of our brewing and packaging teams’ work. All of these checks will make the transition of our beers to the new kit seamless to anyone enjoying them!”

Thanks to Matt’s ceaseless eye for detail and the hard work of every one of his amazing brewery and packaging teams, our beer is made in the very best way possible. If you have any production questions for Matt, drop us a comment below – and if you want to join our epic crew, check out our latest brewhouse vacancies here!

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DuffFan 06.07.2016 @ 12:37pm
Keep up the good work, can't wait to have a look around the new brewery someday!