Top Tweets of 2017

Our (< 280 character) year in review

Top Tweets of 2017

While we are focused steadfastly on building massive momentum into our second year, we thought a quick trip down memory lane might be fun. So we're visiting the Twitter highlight reel of BrewDogUSA to relive some of our favorite moments from 2017. 

10 – DogTap Grand Opening

It was a cold & foggy February day, but the committed Columbus craft beer crusaders still came out to celebrate the Grand Opening of our flagship bar stateside.

9 – BrewDog Invades Nationwide Arena

What’s better than beer and hockey we asked? Now we have our answer – the epic welcome we received upon announcing we were headed to the home of your Columbus Blue Jackets – that was better.

8 – Lego Brewery

It was a labor of love for builder Ian Prise to create the mini Lego replica to our Columbus brewery, which took 400 hours to construct. So you can imagine we were pleased when you showed him (and his Lego model) some serious 140 character love as well.

7 - PunkAGM

Our first go-around of our Annual General Mayhem in 2017 was completely insane, as was your social support for the event the entire weekend.

6 – US Expansion

Thirsty for more BrewDog? We’d say so, if your comments & reactions to tweets about our US expansion plans were any indicator.

5 – Punk (Cans)

It seems the prospect of sipping the summer away with a can of fresh Punk in hand had our Twitter fans a-buzz. So much so that even us announcing Punk cans had entered the building was a top 5 tweet.

4 – Brewery Build Out

2017 brought the highly anticipated, long awaited opening of our US brewery, and you were not shy to show your excitement as we shared our progress nearing the finish line.

3 – Elvis Juice Bronze Medal

Your love for the grapefruit greatness of Elvis Juice knows no bounds – many a tweet about Elvis garnered support, but none as much as our announcement about Elvis Juice winning bronze at the Great American Beer Festival back in October.

2 – Cans Contest

Could be the sheer beauty of a wall full of BrewDog cans just waiting to be filled. Could be the $50 Brew Bucks giveaway. Either way, you showed serious love for our truckload of cans tweet.

1 – #SaveTheCrew

In fact, not just one single #SaveTheCrew tweet, but 3 of the 4 most engaged tweets of 2017 were about #SaveTheCrewBrew. It can never be said that Columbus does not have passion its soccer team, and when we jumped on the train to show our support, you backed us in a big way.

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