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We are well into Fe-brew-ary on Planet BrewDog and we've got some beery updates we want to share with our favorite Punks. So crack open your favorite brew, sit back and enjoy.

In Tank:


We love to trial with new and exciting beers to delight even the biggest beer geeks, but one of our main goals for 2018 is to get more beer into more hands across the country. We hit the ground running this year with a full head of steam – and as a result, we’re brewing more and more each week to make sure that we can meet our increasing demand. Two of our most popular brands, Elvis Juice and Hazy Jane, are brewing as often as possible so we can make sure everyone who wants them can find them. We’ve also moved from brewing one and two days a week to three and four. It wouldn’t be a surprise if we soon move to brewing five days in a row. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing Five N Dime, Juggernaut & Freak State take their turns in the big tanks as well.

In Barrels:

Hazy Jane

Hazy Jane is having some fun this winter hanging with one of her high-brow boozy friends – white wine. Curious to know what happens when you put a New England IPA in white wine barrel? You’ll find traces of oak along with some white grape notes and a hint of peach that rises to the front, all balanced out with tropical citrus and pineapple. This release will only be available on draft for a limited time, so make sure to keep an eye out for when it hits to give it a try for yourself.

Russian Imperial Stout

We’re having a ‘barrel of fun’ as we experiment with putting different stout blends into various types of barrels from Bourbon to Scotch. Who knows what other barrel types we'll try in the future, but as we all know with barrel aging, patience is key. These beer will take time to let the flavors fully develop, so you’ll see the winners released as limited exclusives on tap come fall. For now, we are anxiously waiting to see what unique flavors pull through from the different barrel types.

Tasting Black IPA

Pilot Kit:

Freak State

Freak State – where the darkside sees the light. This smooth drinking Black IPA is a chameleon of flavor, with moderate notes of dark malt and caramel, but with freakishly dank, in-your-face pine and stone fruit flavors from the Chinook hops. Pilot batches should be hitting DogTap soon, and once we get the pilot batch released, Freak State will step up its game and hit the big tanks. Expect to see the Freak in cans & kegs for a limited time in early spring.

Coming Up:


Five N Dime is an American Wheat Ale we are fruiting with Mango, currently in the fermenter. Though we’re still tweaking the base beer, so far it’s showing awesome notes of lemon and citrus that will accelerate the mango flavor to new heights. Five N Dime will be a perfect spring beer to pair with that first BBQ of the season, and should be released right around then.

All Hops on Deck Glassware closeup


As Imperial IPA’s go, Juggernaut is a beast. Clocking in a 8.8% ABV, the first wave of flavor smashes through with pine, citrus and stone fruit, closely followed by strong notes of caramel and biscuit malt. There’s no stopping this truck with its warming alcohol and long bitter finish – it’s an air-horn wake up call for the senses that should be crashing into market in kegs and can sometime early spring.


We're currently experimenting with some Russian Imperial Stouts. As the brewers have had a chance to get more creative, we have started brewing some stouts that we’ll be blending into some unique offerings. In the next few weeks, these should start to make appearances at DogTap, so keep an eye out. Once they hit, you’ll want to snag a pint or two and snuggle up by one of the fire pits to really enhance the tasting experience.

So now you've got a look inside what we're brewing up for you, which beer are you most excited to try?

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John Robertson 18.02.2018 @ 3:49pm
Will these be available anywhere online, I live in KCMO and cannot just get to the brewery, is it possible if equity punks might be able to get there hands on some of these beers outside of Ohio??