What's Our Team Drinking?

A closer look at some of our crews' favorite brews


We love beer. Tasting it, making it, talking about it, learning about it. No matter how you spin it, our crew is extremely passionate about great craft beer and we are on a mission to make people as passionate as we are. And what better way to spread that love then to share with you, our fanatical friends, some of the beers and breweries we are digging right now, plus a few of our all-time favorites.

Hazel Alexander

Hazel has been with BrewDog for more than 2 years. With a background in hospitality management in the restaurant business, even before she got a job with BrewDog, she knew it was the company for her. So as soon as it was announced that BrewDog was scouting a second bar in her hometown of Aberdeen, she jumped on an application & was hired before it was even open. As a manager, she helped the bar take off, quickly becoming a huge hit. That success did not go unnoticed because not long after, she was offered the opportunity to come across the pond for 3 weeks to help DogTap USA keep momentum going after its epic grand opening. 4 months later, she was still here and made the decision to move to Columbus permanently. She's been managing here ever since.

Hazel loves to do yoga when she's not hustling around DogTap. And for all the yogi's out there, you have her to thank for organizing the monthly Beer Yoga brunch. She also loves making art of all kinds - drawing, painting - you name it, she's probably tried it. Honestly, though, her main hobby when off duty is visiting breweries and tasting beers. Already a certified beer server, Hazel plans to sit for the Certified Cicerone exam sometime in late summer.

Omnipollo - Noa Pecan Mudcake

"Incredible beer… Pecan, chocolate, coffee hints... all rolled into this 11% imperial stout. I have recently revisited stouts with the cold Columbus weather and this is by far my favorite! It has this amazing body that for an imperial stout is super light and always leaves me wanting a pecan pie with chocolate ice-cream! Omnipollo are hands down one of my favorite breweries in the US - BrewDog has done a few collabs with them and every time I am so excited for the next one!

I first tried this amazing imperial stout back in Scotland whilst working in Castlegate. We got a couple of cases in and I could only get my hands on one! Recently, I was on holiday in NYC and came across it... I drank far more of it than I would like to admit!"

Urban Artifact - Sliderule

"Chocolate raspberry Gose! I only tried this one a few weeks back but have been a huge fan of Urban Artifact since I moved to the US! This beer was one that blew my mind. Tart, not too sweet, salty, rich in chocolate and a lingering taste of the freshest raspberries... total wild card but works unbelievably well. I can't get enough of it! I was lucky enough to spend some time at their brewery last summer and was so grateful at how welcoming the guys there were. They spent time showing us around their fun brewery and events space!"

Fierce Beer - Cranachan Killer

"There is something about this beer that I genuinely can't get enough of! The guys at Fierce, the only other local brewery in Aberbeen, are smashing it! A 5.5% raspberry pale ale made with oats, honey and cream, it reminds me of one of my favorite desserts from back home and is just the most perfectly balanced hazy beer - great in the summer! Fierce have been a huge part of the BrewDog family since I started with the company and watching them grow and release quirky, tasty beers time and time again is amazing. Now if they would just hurry up and get to the US!"

BrewDog - Punk IPA

"My favorite BrewDog beer changes frequently but at the moment I cannot get enough of Punk! In all honestly, I always end up going back to it... I just love its juicy, fresh aroma and dry finish! There is nothing better than drinking a pint of the freshest Punk… or 3! It is definitely the beer that always takes me back to where BrewDog came from and the epic story behind where we are now."

Angie Nemia-Hawn

Angie has followed Tim, our US Head of Production (and her husband) around the brewing industry for 20+ years. Which makes sense, considering they both originally hail from the Pacific Northwest, long considered a craft beer mecca. Tim joined BrewDog in 2015 and 9 months later, Angie decided to try her hand in the industry as well. BrewDog sounded like so much fun that it even lured her out of retirement.

When not running around taking care of everyone else as our Office Manager, Angie spends time hanging out with her two miniature dachshunds, Lulu and Nelly, who occasionally even make a guest appearance at the office. Despite having a crazy fear of sharks, she still loves scuba diving into the ocean depths. She is already planning her next dive adventure - this time into the BrewDog pond in search of the illusive Loch Ness monster Nessie - who is rumored to have made the trip over from Scotland with BrewDog. We're pretty sure she was a mermaid in another life.

Brouwerij De Musketiers - Troubadour Obscura

"The beer that convinced me that I love beer, especially stouts. It has a dense creamy head that you can eat with a spoon and I did. The flavors are deep and rich, malty with hits of coffee and chocolate. I love coffee, as many of us from the Pacific Northwest do and chocolate, because chocolate is amazing!"

Dogfish Head - Festina Peche

Having spent the better part of a decade in Delaware with Tim growing the DogFish Head brand by brewing incredible beers, it only makes sense that one of theirs would make an appearance on her list. Festina Peche is a particular favorite for Angie. This seasonal release beer is "my favorite summer time beer. The tart, sessionable sour Berliner Weisse has notes of two of my favorite fruits - peach & raspberry. It is absolutely perfect for hot weather."

BrewDog - Jet Black Heart

"My go to BrewDog beer right now is Jet Black Heart. It is what I seem to find myself ordering every time - those coffee and chocolate flavors are the way to my heart. It's perfect for the cold Columbus winter we're having this year, but it's lower ABV of 4.7% makes it more sessionable, plus it's super light and smooth, so it really works all year round."

Keith Bennet

Starting out as a lawyer for a corporation in his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, Keith found he was bored and wanted a change. So he traded in his suit for flannel and starting working at BrewDog in the UK in special projects. In his four years, he has worked on some massive projects including bar builds all over the world and the site three build at the BrewDog Headquarters in Ellon. Then two years ago, he took on his biggest task yet when he came over to the US with James in search of the perfect city for the new US headquarters, ultimately landing on Columbus. Fast forward and he was back in Ohio permanently, overseeing the build out of BrewDog USA and DogTap. Now as Head of Special Projects, Keith is currently overseeing bar builds in both the Short North & Franklinton Columbus neighborhoods as well as the DogHouse hotel & US OverWorks sour beer facility.

Outside of overseeing some our epic projects, Keith has really assimilated to his life in Ohio. Besides trying new local beers, he can be found driving his big, red pick-up truck around town, blasting his favorite country music on the way to catch and ice hockey game with some mates.

Columbus Brewing Company - Bodhi

"The mighty Bodhi needs little introduction. I love, love, love this beer. I was introduced to it one night in the Walrus in downtown Columbus and have been a massive fan ever since. It tastes so good. We shipped kegs over for AGM in 2016 and had some in our bars in the UK. Bodhi went down really well with our UK shareholders and customers alike. It was really cool to be back in the UK and see Columbus Brewing Company on our cinema board menus in Glasgow while we were building our awesome new home in Columbus. Bodhi is a double IPA at 8.3% and it tastes AMAZING… dangerously amazing!"

Jackie O's - Mystic Mama

"Surprise, surprise… another super hoppy IPA from me. This West Coast inspired IPA is always super fresh, full of flavor and has a really nice hoppy punch in the mouth. Another high ABV beer that doesn't over power you and just tastes great. I still a haven't made the trip to Athens but very excited to get down there and check out the brewery. Plus, the cans are really cool."

Oscar Blues - Old Chub Scotch Ale

"I have some mixed emotions about this beer with both really fond memories drinking it in Ohio, but also some homesickness with it being an homage to styles from home. It's not necessarily one for the summer, but is absolutely perfect for a cold, snowy day in the pub (which we've had plenty of this winter). Old Chub is just a nice big, dark, malty beer with a high ABV at 8.0% - it always tastes great and goes down easy."

So now you have the insider knowledge to what some of us are into these days, but what about you? Any beers you're really digging right now? Sound off below!

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