Charcuterie + Beer Pairing

DogTap and North Country Charcuterie are pairing up for an epic and educational meat + beer pairing.


This tasting menu includes 4 portions of exclusive salami cuts from North Country, expertly paired with four 6oz pours of BrewDog craft beer. A representative from each brand will lead the tasting and share their knowledge and passion with you.

Equity Punks receive 5% off, so please select the correct ticket price below and have your ticket ready at the door. If you're not yet an EFP member and would like to join the club, sign up here:

ABOUT NORTH COUNTRY: North Country Charcuterie was founded by James Forbes in 2014. James inherited his passion for homemade food from his mother and grandmothers and his ability to pair unique flavors from hanging around his family’s wine company. As his tastes evolved, James found his passion for charcuterie while serving as an apprentice to Chef Josh Wickham, during which time James was awarded “Apprentice of the Year” by the American Culinary Federation, Columbus Chapter. James was attracted to charcuterie because of his earlier education as a sculptor and his appreciation for old world craftsmanship. James is the certified charcuterie Chef of North Country Charcuterie.

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